[tor-project] Network team meeting notes, 29 Nov

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Mon Oct 29 18:30:29 UTC 2018


Our meeting logs are at

Here are the contents of our pad:

= Network team meeting pad! =

Welcome to our meeting!
First meeting each month: Tuesday at 2300 UTC on #tor-meeting on OFTC.
Other meetings each month: Mondays at 1700 UTC on #tor-meeting on OFTC.

(This channel is logged while meetings are in progress.)

Want to participate?  Awesome!  Here's what to do:
    1. If you have updates, enter them below, under your name.
    2. If you see anything you want to talk about in your updates, put
them in boldface!
    3. Show up to the IRC meeting and say hi!

Note the meeting location: #tor-meeting on OFTC!
 (See https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2017-September/001459.html
for background.)

After each week's meetings, the contents of this pad will be sent to
tor-project @ lists.torproject.org.  After that is done, the pad can
be used for the next week.

== Previous notes ==
(Search the list archive for older notes.)
24 Sep: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-September/001996.html
1 Oct: No online meeting; in-person meeting in Mexico City.
9 Oct: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-October/002005.html
15 Oct: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-October/002027.html
22 Oct: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-October/002032.html

== Stuff to do every week =

* Let's check and update the roadmap.  What's done, and what's coming up?

url to roadmap:

* Check reviewer assignments at

* Also, let's check for things we need update on our spreadsheet!  Are
there important documents we should link to?  Things we should

* Check rotations at

* Community guides, it's time to hand off to the next guide!

* Let's look at proposed tickets!

0.3.5 (bugs only):

0.3.6: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~035-roadmap-proposed&max=200&col=id&col=summary&col=milestone&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=component&order=priority

== Reminders ==

* Remember to "/me status: foo" at least once daily.
* Remember that our current code reviews should be done by end-of-week.
* Make sure you are in touch with everybody with whom you are doing
work for the next releases

* Remember to fill up actual point when you finish a task (as well as
"fix" the estimate when starting the issue).
* Add planned PTO to the calendar

<< Remember that priority is Sponsor 8 - roadmap is sort out by priority >>

In November everybody need to start checking snowflake as it is
something that is coming in December.

---- 29 October 2018

== Announcements ==

Please don't bulk-delete all the old entries from this pad any more.
Instead, delete the "planned" and "actual" for the previous week, but
leave the "planned" for this week in place.

The first team meeting of each month is at Tuesday at 2300 UTC on
#tor-meeting on OFTC.
That's next week! (It's ok if the time doesn't work for you, we'll see
you the week after.)

Let's send an email to tor-dev about the meeting time next week.

Alpha/Master maintainer doc:

== Discussion ==

teor says: I moved all features and some bugs out of
035-roadmap-proposed. Some of them went into 036-roadmap-proposed.
           Which remaining bugs in 035-roadmap-proposed can be
deferred? (See links above.)

catalyst asks: which time zone switch are we following for the
meeting? US? A: Monday meeting will switch with US DST. patch party
remains fixed at 23:00 UTC. US DST switches on 04 Nov, but first
meeting of the month is at patch party time. so 12 Nov meeting is at
18:00 UTC.

== Recommended links ==

Giving a talk about Tor and Human Rights?
Here's a good general guide for talking about human rights:

== Updates ==


    Week of XYZ (planned):
        - What you planned for last week.
    Week of XYZ (actual):
        - What you did last week.
    Week of ABC (planned):
        - What you're planning to do this week.
    Help with:

     - Something you may need help with.


Leave the "Planned" parts!


Week of 10/22 (planned):

     - Review and comment on latest prop295 draft.

- Help Gaba with anything she asks for help with

- Move review, more merge

- Ramp dgoulet up with code merging?

- Possibly, implement pub/sub API?

- Attending "New England Systems Verification Day" on Friday

- Work on storing families with less RAM. (sponsor8, memory, #27359)

   Week of 10/22 (actual):
       - Review, merge, etc
       - Initial pubsub api work
       - Ask for comment and discuss pubsub work.
       - Ran into trouble with #27359 (storing families with less
RAM).  Needs discussion post-meeting
       - Attended NESVD. Evangelized trunnel as an example of a
frontend that could stand a formally verified backend. Learned that
some of the fiat-crypto folks are doing lattice-based crypto. Made
other contacts.
       - Answered tons of email
   Week of 10/29 (planned):
       - Implement pubsub message dispatch API and subsystems API.
       - Do something with consensus mmap patches. (But what?)
       - release 0.3.4.next?
       - Get un-stuck on #27359?
       - Try to design an "extra dormant mode" for #2149

Want help with:

- I'm not on enough roadmapped stuff right now.  Who needs help?

[dgoulet] I might! Lets talk quickly after meeting.

    Week of 10/22 (planned):
      - Fix up last few XXX's in the wtf-pad branch; write tests
      - Work with asn to review it
    Week of 10/22 (actual):
      - Got wtf-pad branch to asn+teor; initial fixups from their comments
      - Discussions with Jaym about
    Week of 10/29 (planned)
      - Write more tests for wtf-pad; help asn with review and/or chutney tests
      - Write diff for nickm's datagram paper
      - Update WTF-PAD proposal
      - Maybe help Jaym diagnose why #23512 seems off?

    Week of 10/22 (planned):
        Sponsor 8:
            - Figure out "who does what" for #25502 and start/continue on that.
        Sponsor 19:
            - Work with Kat if anything comes up?
            - Anti-censorship position interviews/evaluation/etc.
            - Do the reviews I didn't do last week.
            - Had 1:1 with Gaba
    Week of 10/22 (actual):
        Sponsor 8:
            - Split #25502 into child tickets with tasks.
            - Some discussion with David on PT protocol enhancements
for signaling PT connectivity status.
            - Hacking on #28179
        Sponsor 19:
            - Nothing came up.
            - Code reviews.
            - More reviews of anti censorship candidates.
    Week of 10/29 (hopefully):
        Sponsor 8:
            - Continue implementation for #28179
            - Talk with HC about ARM64 Orbot
        Sponsor 19:
            - Spend some time (half a day? a morning maybe?) on some
of the Snowflake tasks.
            - End of month tasks.

    Week of 10/22 (planned):
    - Start reviewing WTF-PAD code, assuming that the branch lands
this week (cc mike).
    - Still haven't made WTF-PAD roadmap tickets.
    - Do coverity hsv3 issue #28120
    - Reviews.
    Week of 10/22 (actual):
    - Opened ticket for the WTF-PAD code review #28142, and started
reviewing and testing it.
      A few review comments have been left on github, and I'm still
reviewing/testing the feature.
    - Fixed coverity issue #28120.
    - Reviewed #28096 and #28123.
    Week of 10/29 (planned):
    - Continue reviewing/testing WTF-PAD code.

  - Encountered very annoying issue with chutney while testing WTF-PAD
that seems to be PEBCAK. Need to diagnose and fix.

    - Do reviews.

    Week of 10/22 (planned):
      - Implement #27838 solution asn and I came up with.
      - Probably work with ahf on roadmap item #25502.
      - 035 ticket work, many need patches or/and review.
      - Wanting to go over pubsub design from Nick.
    Week of 10/22 (actual):
      - #27838 in merge_ready
      - Wrote with ahf the PT and Control spec for #28180. It is currently
        under review:
      - Review/Patch tickets work (see Timeline).
      - A bit of ticket triage for the tor-hs key word and 035 Milestone.
      - Worked on the alpha/master maintainer policy which is now in #28225
        ready to be merged upstream (doc/HACKING/Maintaining.md)
      - Went over Nick's pubsub design. Some back and forth on the network team
      - Migrated the bad relay detection system to a new server, the old one
        was going down and I needed to avoid a little downtime as possible.
      - Discussion with asn and haxxpop on the tor-keygen tool specifically for
        the HSv3 client auth.
    Week of 10/29 (planned):
      - Get further into #25502 meaning taking care of #28180 and hopefully
        starting to implement soon.
      - Reviews and 035 tickets as much as possible.
      - Draft the stable maintainer policy with teor's help.

gaba: (not presencial)
    Week of 10/22 (actual):

- hackweek

- weekly 1:1s

- more fundraising

- roadmap

- traveling to sustainble OSS and OTF Summit

 Week of 10/29 (planned):

- OTF Summit in Taipei

- week 1:1

- fundraising & proposals

- roadmap: I will check on people about sponsor8 tickets

    week of 10/22 (2018-W43) (planned):
        - reviews
        - other high-priority 0.3.5 work as needed
        - community guide rotation
        - sketch out more details of sponsor8 task breakdown
        - anticensorship hiring?
        - comment on pubsub proposal
        - comment on prop#295 revisions if there's time
    week of 10/22 (2018-W43) (actual):
        - reviews
        - community guide rotation (nothing major)
        - looked at some anticensorship hiring stuff
        - reviewed pubsub proposal somewhat
    week of 10/29 (2018-W44) (planned):
        - reviews
        - hiring stuff
        - more detailed outline of sponsor8 work
        - 0.3.5 bugfixes as needed


 Week of 10/22 (planned):

- Try writing the man page for client auth keygen cli

 Week of 10/22 (actual):

- Started writing man page of `tor-keygen` but it's not finished yet.

 Week of 10/30 (planned):

- Continue writing the man page

    Week of 22 Oct (planned):
        - Work on PrivCount in Tor prototype: module design, merge
privcount_shamir, stub other modules
        - Finish code review, small revision, and small ticket backlog
        - Make the fallback script ignore addresses in the whitelist,
so we can rebuild the fallback list
        - Post-travel admin (awaiting timesheet advice from accounting)
        - Blog post on PrivCount research (awaiting notes from other

    Week of 22 Oct (actual):
        - CI + Coverity Rotation: it seemed like things were mostly
ok, nickm helped with coverity
        - Worked on code review, small revision, and small ticket backlog
        - Started working on a travis CI config for the chutney repository
          - Once we have a working chutney/tor config, I can use
Travis to test PrivCount in Tor
        - Reviewed code to add test-stem to the tor travis config
        - Did an extensive but incomplete review the padding pull
request, focusing on floating point
        - Hackfest planning
        - Deferred blog post because people are busy
        - Responded to dgoulet's email about the release maintainer role

    Week of 29 Oct (planned):
        - Get my timesheets and post-travel admin done (awaiting
advice from accounting)
        - Work on PrivCount in Tor prototype
          - minor fixes to privcount_shamir
          - module design, merge privcount_shamir, stub other modules
          - finish off the travis CI config for chutney / turn it into
a config to test PrivCount in Tor
        - Make the fallback script ignore addresses in the whitelist,
so we can rebuild the fallback list
        - Work on code review backlog. Maybe small revision and small
ticket backlog if I have time

    Help with:


    Week of 22 Oct (planned):

    - sbws

        - get pull requests merged to master

        - check remaining tickets for sbws 1.0 and try to fix them all

    - bandwidth file specification

        - create pull requests with updates

    - core tor component with bwauth keyword

        - prioritize open tickets

    Week of 10/22 (actual):
        - sbws
            - get pull requests merged to master
            - check remaining tickets for sbws 1.0 and try to fix them all:
              - Compare sbws total scaled bandwidth with total
consensus bandwidth
              - disable rtt measurements
              - Check prioritisation
              - Update documentation
        - bandwidth file specification
            - create pull requests with updates

    Week of 10/29 (planned):
        - sbws
            - relase 1.0, update deb
            - start using sbws in production (#28224)
        - tor code
            - start with #21377: DirAuths should expose bwauth bandwidth files
            - prioritize open tickets
        - bandwidth file specification
            - whatever needs to get fixed after review

    Help with:
        - anyone:
            - review: #27690 Update bandwidth-file-spec with scaling methods
            - review: #28085 Update key/values in the bandwidth file spec
            (unless merging without reviewing is an option in torspec)

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