[tor-project] New meetbot plan: #tor-meeting and nowhere else

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Thu Sep 28 19:28:52 UTC 2017

Background on meetbot: it is the irc bot that we use to help coordinate
our various Tor team irc meetings, and record results for posterity and
transparency. See e.g.

So far we've had an ad hoc schedule and location for irc meetings,
spread around both #tor-project and #tor-dev.

After an incident with our meetbot where we accidentally left it
logging #tor-dev all weekend, we've decided to take a more defensive
approach: we will hold the meetbot-mediated sessions in a new channel,
called #tor-meeting.

So, if you want to use meetbot -- and feel free to do so -- you should
move your meeting to #tor-meeting. It might be wise to tell the folks
at the previous location that you're doing it elsewhere, so people can
join and watch / participate if they want.

One downside could be that the meetings won't have as many random
bystanders watching them, so maybe fewer people will get pulled in. But we
can resolve that, maybe even more successfully, with better report-backs.

I think the upside of making it clearer whether there is something
logging, and publishing the logs to the internet, is worth trying this
new approach.


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