[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 29 Oct

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Oct 30 09:49:00 UTC 2018


The meeting log of our weekly meeting yesterday can be found on


The pad contents are pasted below for your convenience:

Monday October 29, 2018
    - next meeting (GeKo: we switch to 1900 UTC from next week on, wiill
send an email to tbb-dev)
    - security control redesign (GeKo: the plan is to due the
incremental approach: implement what we have in proposal 101 and start
thinking about making especially the "safer" mode even more usable;
scheduling meeting for next week Wed 1900 UTC to hammer our the
remaining issues; will send mail to tbb-dev)

    Last week:
        - helped with getting releases out
        - done with Tor bundles ticket triage (yay)
        - reviews (a bunch of tor-browser-build patches for our Tor
Browser for Android, #28082, #26498, #28185, #28125; started with #22343)
        - we hired external folks to fix our Windows accessibility bug
(#25703), not sure when we get that work scheduled, though, yet
        - work on the security control redesign (#25658)
        - work on updating our design doc (not as much as I have hoped,
though :( ) (#25021)
        - started first look into single-locale repacks and thinking how
to integrate that into our build system (#27466)
    This week:
        - more reviews
        - tba release? (GeKo: yes, we'll have one this week)
        - further work on tor browser design doc update (#25021)
        - looking closer into single-locale repacks (#27466)
        - looking closer at fpi of redirects
        - begin of the month updates
        -afk for parts of wed + whole thu+fri

    Last week:
        - Tested a bit #28125(TBA proxy bypass, i need to write down
what kind of tests i did)
         - Sent a new patch to #26690 (padlock on mobile)
        - Have a patch to #27111 (about:tor on mobile, however it is
blocked by #25013)
        - Implemented the donation banner, however it is not easy
testable because it depends of #27111
    This week:
        - More updates to the #25013 (Move TorButton code to the tor
browser repository)
        - more reviews

 - I got a mingw-clang x64 build with sandbox running and seemingly stable
   - Have to upstream a MinGW patch and land a couple of MinGW bumps,
but then it will be in TC
   - Will work on getting tests running, and doing some TC build stuff
 - To the extent possible, would love to start working on moving this
into rbm. (GeKo: As I said on IRC, ping either boklm or me, I opened #28238)
   - I can probably start this, but will need guidance.
 - Fuzzyfox landed in Nightly, and you can enable it yourself and try it out
   - Have to add prefs manually. Has an intermittent crash-on-enable.
Performance is sometimes fine, sometimes unusable??
 - Circulated the 3600 design doc to mozilla folks.
   - I think folks are planning to show up to the Wens morning meeting
to discuss it, so Richard, would be great if you could come.

    Last week:
        Worked on #28125 (DNS leak on Android)
        Attended funder meeting
    This week:
        Continue working on #28125
        Reviewing #25013 (integrating torbutton into tor-browser)
        Rust audit
        Integrating Orbot into TBA

    Last week:
        - helped publish the new releases
        - reviewed patches to integrate android build in tor-browser-build
        - opened and started thinking about #28176 (Cleanup and add the
testsuite to tor-browser-build.git) and started some prototype to try to
see if that looks like a good idea
    This week:
        - follow-up on #26148 (binutils reproducibility issue)
        - continue looking at #28176 and how to bring back the testsuite
        - make patch for #27265 (rbm issue when downloading some files)
and #27045 (Add option for firefox incremental builds)
        - afk on Thursday


    Last week:

    - posted tech overview doc for #3600 (redirects) to dev list:


    - associated #3600 prototyping

    - updated tbblogger to use fmtlib:

    - utf8, utf16, utf32, and wide strings and pointers all handled
transparently regardless of OS/CPU architecture

    This week:

    - #3600 doc feedback, prototyping

  Last week:
    - # 27441 Debian image to use stretch - merged
    - # 26696 Platform def in rbm.conf - merged
    - # 26697 Android toolchain - merged
    - # 27443 Firefox for Android - fixed packaging issues.
  This Week:
    - # 27443 - sync mozconfig entries with the one in tor browser repo.
Cleanup system dependencies
   -  # 28144 - TorButton investigate adding to projects

      Last week:
          Starting working on automated unit tests for #22343 (Save as)
          Made more progress on FPI of permissions
          Opened #28163 (Make "new window" and "new tab" menu item
labels consistent) and #28174 (Block non-.onion subresources)
          Wrote patch for #28187 (Change Tor Circuit display to an onion)
        This week:
          Keep pursuing FPI permissions
          Finish unit tests for 22343 (Save as) for future uplift
          Look into more ff60-esr bugs?
          Read through pospeselr's redirect document and make comments

    Last week:

        Experimenting with roadmap formats...

    This week:

    More roadmap experimentation

    Thinking about matching up tor browser releases/features with user
testing sessions

    reviewing anto's wiki docs :D

    AFK Thursday and Friday


    Last week:

    #28093 - Made TBA mobile + tablets EOY Banner mocks -

    #25658 - Worked on Security Settings

    This week:

    #25658 - More on Security Settings

    Sent Tor Browser Icon Poll -

    Writing wiki docs for the work we did over the circuit display and
.onion security indicator. If you think I'm missing anything important,
please let me know!

    WIP here:



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