[tor-project] Notes from network team meeting, 15 Oct

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Tue Oct 16 23:39:49 UTC 2018


Meeting logs at

Meeting notes below:

= Network team meeting pad! =

Welcome to our meeting! Mondays at 1700 UTC on #tor-meeting on OFTC.

(This channel is logged while meetings are in progress.)

Want to participate?  Awesome!  Here's what to do:
    1. If you have updates, enter them below, under your name.
    2. If you see anything you want to talk about in your updates, put
them in boldface!
    3. Show up to the IRC meeting and say hi!

Note the meeting location: #tor-meeting on OFTC!
 (See https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2017-September/001459.html
for background.)

After each week's meetings, the contents of this pad will be sent to
tor-project @ lists.torproject.org.  After that is done, the pad can
be used for the next week.

== Previous notes ==
(Search the list archive for older notes.)
10 Sep: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-September/001972.html
17 Sep: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-September/001982.html
24 Sep: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-September/001996.html
1 Oct: No online meeting; in-person meeting in Mexico City.
9 Oct: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-October/002005.html

== Stuff to do every week =

* Let's check and update the roadmap.  What's done, and what's coming up?

url to roadmap:

* Check reviewer assignments at

* Also, let's check for things we need update on our spreadsheet!  Are
there important documents we should link to?  Things we should

* Check rotations at

* Community guides, it's time to hand off to the next guide!

* Let's look at proposed tickets!  [but see discussion]

== Reminders ==

* Remember to "/me status: foo" at least once daily.
* Remember that our current code reviews should be done by end-of-week.
* Make sure you are in touch with everybody with whom you are doing
work for the next releases

* Remember to fill up actual point when you finish a task (as well as
"fix" the estimate when starting the issue).
* Add planned PTO to the calendar

---- 15 October 2018

== Announcements ==

    - Please work on reviews
    - Please work on 0.3.5 items

Please don't bulk-delete all the old entries from this pad any more.
Instead, delete the "planned" and "actual" for the previous week, but
leave the "planned" for this week in place.

== Discussion ==

Is there anything assigned in 0.3.5 that you won't be able to finish up RSN?

These tickets in 0.3.5 are not assigned and seem important to fix:
Let's figure out how that will happen.

Roadmap:  status. Anything else we didn't add, should be in the roadmap?

asn: me and dgoulet assigned reviews for this week. we had tons of
tickets because merge window just opened.

  if people can't fit it in one week given all the other stuff, we
think that's ok.

Proposal to change first week meeting of each month weekly meeting to
Tuesday 23:00 UTC (the time of the patch party:

> confirmed the change of the 1st week monthly meeting to Tuesday 11pm UTC.

Anybody blocked that needs input on anything?

== Recommended links ==

Have a look at Catherine West's rustconf 2018 closing keynote. Lots of
neat architectural thinking.

== Updates ==


    Week of XYZ (planned):
        - What you planned for last week.
    Week of XYZ (actual):
        - What you did last week.
    Week of ABC (planned):
        - What you're planning to do this week.
    Help with:

     - Something you may need help with.


Leave the "Planned" parts!

    Week of 10/8 (planned):
        - Talking about decentralization at Berkman on Thursday
        - Post-process meeeting notes into a usable form
        - Work with gaba et al to finalize roadmap
        - Review and merge
        - Work on continuous integration issues
        - Find a better solution on #27971 (having to force security
level 1 for TLS backward compat)
        - Try to fix bugs in 0.3.5
        - Finish whitepaper? ✘
        - Work on sketch for subsystem API
        - Work on sketch for communication API
    Week of 10/8 (actual):
        - Got appveyor passing again
        - Led a discussion about decentralization at berkman
        - worked on meeting notes a little.
        - updated roadmap tickets, making sure they were accurate
        - Tried to work on a solution to #27971, but got bogged down
in tricky testing issues. I think we might be able to hammer something
sensible out here, but we might need to step back and take stock.
        - Assigned a bunch of high-priority items in 0.3.5.
        - Reviewed fix for #27808
        - Review and merge
        - Signed up for Mozilla all-hands in Orlando
        - Tried to fix NetBSD compilation
        - Iterated on subsystem API
        - Iterated on communications/messaging/publish-subscribe API
    Week of 10/15 (planned):
        - Any roadmapping tasks Gaba asks me to help with. :)
        - More review and merge
        - Finish new-API design proposals, ask for review
        - Meet to discuss Gettor plans
        - Talk with Teor about ideal meeting schedule (ie, which
meeting to move to a more convenient time)
        - Talk with Teor about stable maintenance?
        - Talk with Catalyst and Ahf about bootstrap reporting
subtasks and plans
        - Talk with Gaba about hackweek planning
        - Release an 0.3.5 alpha
        - Open merge window for 0.3.6.
    Help with:
        - Mikeperry, can you find/create the tickets for the WTF-Pad
roadmap entries?

Mike (sick, may not be online during meeting):
  Week of 10/8 (planned):
    - OMG so much followup
      - Create tor-researchers list
      - Figure out Mozilla all Hands
      - wtf-pad mails
    Week of 10/8 (actual):
     - Stayed sick
     - Fixed up wtf-pad code issues and organized TODO based on code review
     - Sent mails about wtf-pad
    Week of 10/15 (planned):
     - Get farther into wtf-pad updates; update roadmap
     - Gather other wtf-pad implementations and data

    Week of 10/8 (planned):
        Sponsor 8:
            - Figure out which tasks I'm on from the roadmap session
and begin there.
        Sponsor 19:
            - Work on PT document for Kat.
            - Backlog of Trac + IRC + Mail
            - Look into sysadmin candidate + participate in interviews.
            - Catch up on hiring process for anti-censorship team role.
            - Go over my meeting notes from the Tor meeting to see if
we need to fill out any tickets.
    Week of 10/8 (actual):
        - Participated in two interviews for sysadmin candidate.
        - Lots of CV reviews for next round of sysadmin interviews.
        - Got CV's for anti-censorship candidate.
        - Went over (my own) meeting notes from Mexico for ticket creation.
        - Reviewed tickets #27772, #27194, #27943
        - S19 PT info collection.
        - S8 reporting for Gaba and Isa.
    Week of 10/15 (planned):
        Sponsor 8:
            - Back to using timer based event loop handling for PT's on Windows
              as per discussion in Mexico. (#25502)
            - Look into which initial messages we should submit from the PT.
        Sponsor 19:
            - Finish document section on PT's for Kat's S19 report.
            - Anti-censorship + sysadmin job interview tasks.
            - Lots of reviews(?) with merge window opening?

  [Will be on a flight back home during the meeting.
   Might be able to attend the first part of the meeting depending on
takeoff time.]
  Week of 10/8 (planned):
    - Catch up with intense amounts of email, backlogs and minor tasks
that have accumulated during the meeting.
    - Do a presentation on "state of Tor" in FOSSCOMM (the Greek open
source conference) on Saturday.
    - Maybe try to read some more WTF-PAD code if I get the time.
    Week of 10/8 (actual):
    - Tried to finish up backlog but lots still remains.
    - Worked on onion services proposal.
    - Did talk and workshop on FOSSCOMM (the greek open source conf).
    - Did reviews (#27709, #27928).
    Week of 10/15 (planned):
    - Mike: we need to make tickets for all the WTF-PAD roadmap stuff.
    - Finish up backlog.
    - Check the censorship dev job applications.
    - Do all the reviews (many!)
    - Read WTF-PAD backlog. Not sure if I will have time to start the big review
      yet, given how much other stuff I have to review.

  Week of 10/8 (planned):
    - Write Sponsor19 report.
    - Figure out where I am in the Roadmap and start on that.
    - Prioritizing 035 tickets before merge window opens next week.
    Week of 10/8 (actual):
    Week of 10/15 (planned):

  Week of 10/8 (planned):

- roadmap

- cleaning on notes

- schedule 1 on 1s

    Week of 10/8 (actual):
     - some 1 on 1s
     - fundraising stuff
     - roadmap
    Week of 10/15 (planned):

- weekly 1:1s

- meet to discuss gettor plans and responsabilities

- start planning hack-week

- anti-censorship dev position

- fundraising

    week of 10/8 (2018-W41) (planned):
        - update existing Mexico City session notes from my handwritten notes
        - travel accounting
        - reviews
        - talk more about hiring process stuff with ahf and komlo?
        - design meetings rotation
    Week of 10/8 (2018-W41) (actual):
        - reviewed Mexico City session notes; nothing really needs
updating from my written notes
        - travel accounting
        - reviews
        - worked on getting test-network to run in Travis CI. it seems
tricky and unlikely to happen in the 0.3.5 timeframe.
        - worked on the mystery core file in Travis that happens on
some builds (distcheck with Rust?) implemented more diagnostics to
help us track it down (#28024)
    Week of 10/15 (2018-W42) (planned):
        - reviews
        - other high-priority 0.3.5 work as needed
        - open some tickets with observations to help get Chutney
reliable enough to run from CI
        - review anticensorship job applications?

    Week of 8 Oct (planned):
        - (I was returning from the meeting, and on leave.)
    Week of 8 Oct (actual):
        - (I was returning from the meeting, and on leave.)
        - Offered to do a Tor talk at a local Internet Freedom Hack
        - Asked Jon to send stickers etc.
    Week of 15 Oct (planned):
        - Post-travel admin
        - Blog post on PrivCount research
        - Work on PrivCount in Tor prototype: module design, merge
privcount_shamir, stub other modules
        - Code reviews
        - Meeting about Tor talk
        - Make the fallback script ignore addresses in the whitelist
        - Inbox zero?
    Week of 15 Oct (actual):
        - Deal with (most of) my email backlog
        - gave advice on #28042 (sbws doesn't have enough results),
reviewed fix in #28062
        - reviewed IPv4/IPv6 autoselection patch #27490
        - reviewed bug triage process, and added links to useful queries
          Feedback: Reviewing all modified tickets is really hard.
                    (I want a timeline view that just has Core Tor
tickets, but that seems impossible)
        - software updates
    Help with:

     - nickm, can you help me triage the remaining children of #25669
(privcount shamir)?

         - I can do most of them, but I don't know how to deal with
i128 miscompilations (#26945)

           Can we declare all platforms that miscompile Rust i128 as

           Or do we need to add code to check for errors?

  Help with: (next week)

     - gaba, I don't want to be the only person helping wih sbws.
Please assign someone else to sbws on the roadmap. <<not sure which
issue you are refering to --gaba >>

    [afk during meeting, back online from 19:00 UTC]
    Week of 10/8 (planned):
        X reorganize onbasca docs
        X publish onbasca docs used for bwauth session in tor meeting
        X fix sbws minor bugs
        X sbws release 0.8.0
        X update sbws deb package to 0.8.0-1
        X mail other bwauths with the info about new sbws package/release
        X setup new bw scanner box to send results to dirauth
        X try shadow
        - sbws 0.8.0 stretch-backports
    Week of 10/15 (actual):
        - all that does not have "X" above^
    Week of 10/15 (planned):
        - what to do with small bandwidth files (#28042)
        - 2 new minor bugs in sbws
        - upload sbws deb release when stem deb release 1.7
        - sbws 0.8.0 stretch-backports, when ^
        - check torflow in shadow, worth implementing sbws in shadow?
        - write in human language about the current problem with
bandwidth scaling
        - update bandwidth file specification
    Help with:
        - teor:
             - #28042 (teor says: done!)
        - anyone:

           - should dirauth start taking results from sbws when we
decide/fix #28042 (the dirauth/sbws is ready to do it)

             (teor says: yes, one dirauth is safe. Please open a task
so we can track issues.

                         Let's monitor network performance and
consensus weight before and after.

                         mikeperry, is there anything else we should watch?)

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