[tor-project] Network team meeting notes, 9 Oct 2018

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Tue Oct 9 18:00:31 UTC 2018

Hi, all!

We had our meeting today.  The logs and decisions are at

Below are the contents of our meeting pad...

= Network team meeting pad! =

Welcome to our meeting! Mondays at 1700 UTC on #tor-meeting on OFTC.

(This channel is logged while meetings are in progress.)

Want to participate?  Awesome!  Here's what to do:
    1. If you have updates, enter them below, under your name.
    2. If you see anything you want to talk about in your updates, put
them in boldface!
    3. Show up to the IRC meeting and say hi!

Note the meeting location: #tor-meeting on OFTC!
 (See https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2017-September/001459.html
for background.)

After each week's meetings, the contents of this pad will be sent to
tor-project @ lists.torproject.org.  After that is done, the pad can
be used for the next week.

== Previous notes ==
(Search the list archive for older notes.)
4 Sep: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-September/001965.html
10 Sep: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-September/001972.html
17 Sep: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-September/001982.html
24 Sep: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2018-September/001996.html
1 Oct: No online meeting; in-person meeting in Mexico City.

== Stuff to do every week =

* Let's check and update the roadmap.  What's done, and what's coming up?

url to roadmap:

* Check reviewer assignments at

* Also, let's check for things we need update on our spreadsheet!  Are
there important documents we should link to?  Things we should

* Check rotations at

* Community guides, it's time to hand off to the next guide!

* Let's look at proposed tickets!  [but see discussion]

== Reminders ==

*ok, Remember to "/me status: foo" at least once daily.
* Remember that our current code reviews should be done by end-of-week.
* Make sure you are in touch with everybody with whom you are doing
work for the next releases

---- 9 October 2018

== Announcements ==

Tor 0.3.2 is now unsupported.

Tor Calendar: we have a shiny new one for adding time off

Tor employees, please do timesheets each week, or in the worst case by
the end of the month. The new schema (all network team work goes in
"Network Team") should make this much faster.

== Discussion ==

* We must assign bug and CI tickets in 0.3.5; they should get fixed
ASAP. - nickm

* What do we need to do to "finish up" our roadmap?  I know it's a
living document, but how far are we from something we can work from?
  Reminder for this discussion: sponsor 8 issues are priority as it is
finishing at the end of the year -gaba
  There are a few things in the UX roadmap related to network team.
Let's check that we have it on our roadmap -gaba

* Finish & validate new "minimal rotations" plan from meeting? (Idea
was to define minimial versions of each rotation, and possibly drop
the ones that don't actually make sense) -nickm
  Plan and comments: https://pad.riseup.net/p/team_rotation

* Reminder: Capacity estimation: adding actual points in the big
beautiful spreadsheet from the roadmap -gaba

* Proposal to change the meeting only once every 4 weeks to a time
that teor can attend. Patch party time? -gaba

== Recommended links ==

Have a look at Catherine West's rustconf 2018 closing keynote. Lots of
neat architectural thinking.

== Updates ==


    Week of XYZ (planned):
        - Leave blank for now, since we didn't make plans for last week
    Week of XYZ (actual):
        - What you did last week
    Week of ABC (planned):
        - What you're planning to do this week.

Mike (sick, may not be online during meeting):
  Week of 10/1 (actual):
    - OMG so many meetings
  Week of 10/8 (planned):
    - OMG so much followup
      - Create tor-researchers list
      - Figure out Mozilla all Hands
      - wtf-pad mails

    Week of 10/1 (actual):
        - Wrap up meeting stuff, take a couple of days mostly-off
    Week of 10/8 (planned):
        - Talking about decentralization at Berkman on Thursday
        - Post-process meeeting notes into a usable form
        - Work with gaba et al to finalize roadmap
        - Review and merge
        - Work on continuous integration issues
        - Find a better solution on #27971 (having to force security
level 1 for TLS backward compat)
        - Try to fix bugs in 0.3.5
        - Finish whitepaper?
        - Work on sketch for subsystem API
        - Work on sketch for communication API

    Week of 10/1 (actual):
        - Tor meeting.
        - Wrote a scraper for Trac in Python, so we might be able to
move on with some of the ideas that came up in our CI session! Needs
some cleanup though.
    Week of 10/8 (planned):
        Sponsor 8:
            - Figure out which tasks I'm on from the roadmap session
and begin there.
        Sponsor 19:
            - Work on PT document for Kat.
            - Backlog of Trac + IRC + Mail
            - Look into sysadmin candidate + participate in interviews.
            - Catch up on hiring process for anti-censorship team role.
            - Go over my meeting notes from the Tor meeting to see if
we need to fill out any tickets.

  [will be on a flight back to gr during meeting):
  Week of 10/1 (actual):
    - Tor meeting.
- Mike I pushed a branch with the WTF code reading we did together
  Week of 10/8 (planned):
    - Catch up with intense amounts of email, backlogs and minor tasks
that have accumulated during the meeting.
    - Do a presentation on "state of Tor" in FOSSCOMM (the Greek open
source conference) on Saturday.
    - Maybe try to read some more WTF-PAD code if I get the time.

  Week of 10/1 (actual):
    - A bit uneventful. Few tickets reviewed and a little bit of triage.
    - Followed the meeting as much as I could using the Wiki notes, some IRC
      insights and emails.
  Week of 10/8 (planned):
    - Write Sponsor19 report.
    - Figure out where I am in the Roadmap and start on that.
    - Prioritizing 035 tickets before merge window opens next week.

  Week of 10/1 (actual)

- Tor meeting

  Week of 10/8 (planned):

- roadmap

- cleaning on notes

- schedule 1 on 1s

catalyst (sick, might be offline for actual meeting):
    week of 10/1 (2018-W40) (actual):
        - Mexico City and all the meetings
    week of 10/8 (2018-W41) (planned):
        - update existing Mexico City session notes from my handwritten notes
        - travel accounting
        - reviews
        - talk more about hiring process stuff with ahf and komlo?
        - design meetings rotation

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