[tor-project] Network health meeting notes, 6 Apr 2020

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Apr 7 09:47:03 UTC 2020


We had another weekly network-health meeting on Monday. The IRC log can
be found at:


The notes from the pad are for your convenience below:

    - What should we do about #33775? - sbws measures some relays 100x
lower than Torflow [GeKo: we move forward two-fold: a) we try to get
more bw auths back to Torflow/using Torflow data as a short-term
workaround and b) we intensify our efforts to fix the remaining sbws
    - IRC: Tor relay operators meetup [GeKo: we try to get to IRC
meetups again being a mix of ask-me-anything and other agenda items]
    - Relay associations research and form [GeKo: we'll start with
approaching one operator first, to refine what we have right now and
then contact more]


  Last week:
    -sbws: posted all my review comments for #30905, put a patch for
#33009 into needs_review
    -worked on the EFF legal FAQ update (ggus: Is it okay to reply to
the EFF folks with what we came up with so far? Or should I wait a bit
longer? (GeKo: I'll get to it this week])
    -monthly/quarterly team admin stuff
    -started to work on integrating badexiting into our badconf-entry
script (#33696)
    -dgoulet: there is some small shell script up for review, not sure
if you saw it, see: #32864 and
for the actual commit. If you have some time for that that would rock

  This week:
    -sbws work
    -help with #33775 besides sbws work if needed
    -getting back to EFF for the legal FAQ update

  Last week:
    - started a patch for #33831
  Next week:
    - see with *GeKo*: where, what, to how info to add regarding #33775
and https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-relays/2020-April/018337.html
    - revision #30905
    - review #33009
    - Work on one of the following and see which other GeKo could work on:
      - work on #33350
      - work on #33831
      - work on #33832

  Last week: nothing related
  Next Week: nothing related

  Last week:
    - Tor Legal FAQ comments
    - Docshackathon
    - Helping Tor relay operators


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