[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting APRIL 2 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Tue Apr 7 02:08:16 UTC 2020

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
April 2 2020


1. network health work
2. H1 bug bounty coordination
3. more work on the licensing/copyright issue for TPI folks
4. maybe more work on onion service education coordination (depending on steph's reply)

1. Working on some non-technical documentation so we can all start leveraging our tools better i.e. syncing NextCloud calendars to Thunderbird, etc...https://nc.torproject.net/s/EWsRoQgqffept8a
2. Troubleshooting using NextCloud calendar - fun fact is that you cannot add attendees to shared calendars. Only the owner of the calendar can do that. Here is the link to the issue : https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/15676#issue-281071778

1. Wrapping S27
2. Planning remote user research with Nah for S9
3. Working with Tunde on personas for S30
4. Met SimplySecure to sync about the OTF usability grant for Metrics. 
5. 1.1 with isabela this week

1. partially resolved a IP address shortage, needs deployment
2. migrated vineale/gitweb and rude/RT to new ganeti cluster
3. handling reboots and other routine work

1. Sent out Tor News
2. Incorporating final comments into an onion services page 
3. Applying to be a def con vendor. They're still moving fwd at the moment https://forum.defcon.org/node/231015
4. Edited onion strings for translation
5. Press inquiries
6. Promoting Lumenthrophy's match of XLM donations throughout April
7. Preparing for our next webinar 

1. Webinar for SF major donors on Thursday went well. We had 10 attendees and about 20 no-shows. We learned some things that we will use to improve our next event. We are working on following up with the attendees.
2. Making final preparations for webinar April 13th for foundation program managers. So far we have 8 planning to attend. We will be using Jitsi this time around.
3. Helping promote the stellar.org/Lumenthropy match campaign this month. We have $115 in donations so far that will be matched and this is in addition to the $4K the Stellar Development Foundation is contributing.
4. Preparing documents for the board meeting.

1. DocsHackathon happening last week and this week. Happy to see new and old folks around! 
2. Outreachy applicants: the contribution period ends on April 7. Some of them are engage on docshackathon too. (I've seen a few messages from applicants on frontdesk@ and wanted to make sure someone is checking there. - sarah)(yes, it's their answer to the 'common questions', I'm reviewing today/tomorrow --gus)
3. Reviewing Tor EFF Legal FAQ. 
4. Contacting our training partners in the Global South regarding their work and plans.

1. working on follow ups from last week events plus organizing the next event w/ foundations
2. was researching about it and now I am working on Tor's application to the federal loans re:covid19
3. preparing for Board meeting this coming week
4. had my feedback delivered by the Board

1. Network Team retrospective went well.
2. Delivered TROVE info to the network team. Waiting for some review.
3. Team seems to be doing OK.

1. GSoC mentor wrangling. We got 11 applications for 7 projects
2. Wrapping up S27 and planning follow up projects
3. Tiny bit of work on websites last week 
4. Helping out Outreachy applicants
5. Submitted torproject profile to Github sponsors
6. Meetings: S9, Tor Browser release meeting
7. Trying to figure out getting swag for volunteers in these times. (If they don't mind being sent this past year's campaign t-shirt, we can use our fulfillment company for this. - sarah)(Swag ops are on hold until Seattle's COVID19 situation is under control. -ewyatt)(I don't think there's a huge rush on it, we just need to know what to say :) -pili)

1. Deadline for feedback reviews extended to May 31
2. Working on US Federal COVID-19 loan stuff
3. Chatting with Kat today about swag stuff and how we should best communicate the pause in swag ops.
4. General HR/personnel stuff

1. Wrapping up S27 in Tor Browser-land
2. New Tor Browser releases next week
3. Full-steam ahead on Tor Browser migration to Rapid Release now

1. Teams Retrospectives this week
2. Metrics Roadmap for April - we are doing it month by month now
3. Will start sponsor 30 Q2 report soon
4. Gitlab dreams
5. Bringing proposals to grants team from David and George.
6. Soundtrack this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q99_jobgGzA

1. Moving forward with sponsor 30 work (merged and deployed several BridgeDB fixes)
2. Some non-sponsor BridgeDB work
3. Reviewing volunteer patches

1. walking onion moves ahead; (also paper has been accepted to usenix security '20) \o/ congrats!
2. Likely 0.4.3.x release candidate next week.

1. HS DoS Discussions + investigation
2. Onionbalance + vanguards integration test investigation
3. Trying to decide what to prioritize in April and beyond <do you need roadmap help? --gaba>

1. Made a metrics team roadmap for April.
2. Fixed two bugs in our user number estimates (#18167, #18203), still under review.

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