[ux] UX meeting today [wed] 1600UTC #tor-meeting

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Wed Nov 8 15:02:42 UTC 2017

Hello there!

Today we will have our meeting at 1600UTC on #tor-meeting irc channel.

We will be talking about our roadmap. I created a draft with:

- items from yesterday triage meeting discussion [support portal plan]
- items from the otf design proposal (work with TB team)
- items from other teams roadmaps that might depend on us or needs our help


This is a draft - we still need to add the rest of the website redesign
work to it.

Also, this only goes till March - the idea is to build roadmaps that
goes from Tor meeting to Tor meeting (~6months long).

Alright! See you in a bit o/


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