[ux] UX July 19 meeting summary: discussing changes to the tor browser toolbar

Linda Naeun Lee linda at torproject.org
Wed Jul 19 17:17:10 UTC 2017

Hi everyone, here's what was on the pad:

Document that sparked the discussion; The document proposes changes to the
Tor Browser toolbar: https://share.riseup.net/#a147BiCUXfeCQ3ezzgFkag

Proposed changes:

   - place security slider in the toolbar

   - circuit display/control in the toolbar (I think the buttons should all
   be functional and not mix informational buttons)

   - place no script icon in preferences, not toolbar

   - move network settings configuration into preferences (I think this is
   a bad idea, this should be easier to access)

   - change the onion icon into a "tor learning center" (although I think
   we do need to educate users, just changing the use case of a very important
   button makes me nervous)

Discussion points:

   -     what should we put in the tool bar vs in the preferences?

   - division: tab specific settings in toolbar, global settings in

   - division: most used things in toolbar, less used things in preferences

   - how many buttons should be on the tool bar? in what order?

   - I think 2-3 buttons max

   - order from left (farthest away from center) as least important, most
   right as most important (because it's most convenient to click things
   closer to the center)

   - the buttons in the toolbar should be functional, rather than

   - What do people use often and not?

   - no script icon: we don't want people to use it a lot, but unknown how
   much they do

Tickets to make (and who should make it); use #tbb-usability and #ux-team:

   - how we should decide what to put in toolbar (Linda)

   - what we should put in the toolbar (Linda)

   - what order we should place it in the toolbar (Linda)

   - getting the right icons for the buttons (Linda)

   - where exactly is the best place for the buttons, or the worst place
   (e.g. the (i) one which nobody notice) (Samdney)

   - an "adjust security" button/drop-down could incorporate NoScript menu
   functionality (Arthur)

   - Change "medium security" so that video is click-to-play under http but
   not https (Arthur)

   - Indicate security slider is global (Arthur)

  Linda N. Lee
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