[ux] UX July 19 meeting summary: discussing changes to the tor browser toolbar

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Wed Jul 19 19:37:17 UTC 2017

Hi there! I am sorry I missed the meeting, I left some comments on the
pad :)

I would suggest that we work on building hypothesis, like if we are in
doubt about where to place the icons, lets create two version where each
has them placed in a different place and test them.

I think a process to go about it could be:

1) Define the problem - what is the problem we are fixing here. I
believe some of the problems identified in the meeting are:
 a) user confusion with what settings is global and what is for a tab
 b) all features are hidden under one icon
 c) ???

2) How we will fix it? Write the hypothesis, create wireframe for each
of them (so dev knows what we are suggesting), provide any assets
necessary for dev to build the experiences we want to test (designer
should provide icons etc that we are thinking of using in the ui)

3) Test the hypothesis. We should create a testing process similar to
what we did with orfox [1]

Have an alpha build for each hypothesis and create a script with
questions for users who are testing the UI.

And ask the community team help on getting folks (trainers) to conduct
this test for us with users.


If we do the above, a lot of open questions will be answered and we will
learn a lot of how to go about this work.


On 7/19/17 13:17, Linda Naeun Lee wrote:
> Hi everyone, here's what was on the pad:    
> Document that sparked the discussion; The document proposes changes to
> the Tor Browser toolbar: https://share.riseup.net/#a147BiCUXfeCQ3ezzgFkag
> Proposed changes: 
>   * place security slider in the toolbar 
>   * circuit display/control in the toolbar (I think the buttons should
>     all be functional and not mix informational buttons) 
>   * place no script icon in preferences, not toolbar
>   * move network settings configuration into preferences (I think this
>     is a bad idea, this should be easier to access)
>   * change the onion icon into a "tor learning center" (although I think
>     we do need to educate users, just changing the use case of a very
>     important button makes me nervous)  
> Discussion points: 
>   *     what should we put in the tool bar vs in the preferences?
>   * division: tab specific settings in toolbar, global settings in
>     preferences
>   * division: most used things in toolbar, less used things in preferences
>   * how many buttons should be on the tool bar? in what order? 
>   * I think 2-3 buttons max
>   * order from left (farthest away from center) as least important, most
>     right as most important (because it's most convenient to click
>     things closer to the center) 
>   * the buttons in the toolbar should be functional, rather than
>     informational
>   * What do people use often and not? 
>   * no script icon: we don't want people to use it a lot, but unknown
>     how much they do 
> Tickets to make (and who should make it); use #tbb-usability and #ux-team: 
>   * how we should decide what to put in toolbar (Linda) 
>   * what we should put in the toolbar (Linda)
>   * what order we should place it in the toolbar (Linda) 
>   * getting the right icons for the buttons (Linda) 
>   * where exactly is the best place for the buttons, or the worst place
>     (e.g. the (i) one which nobody notice) (Samdney)
>   * an "adjust security" button/drop-down could incorporate NoScript
>     menu functionality (Arthur)
>   * Change "medium security" so that video is click-to-play under http
>     but not https (Arthur)
>   * Indicate security slider is global (Arthur)
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