[tor-teachers] tor-teachers - politics

malte at wk3.org malte at wk3.org
Fri Oct 23 00:12:17 UTC 2015

Quoting Alison Macrina (2015-10-22 23:38:52)
> But here's my fear: I don't know what the police are like in Sweden or
> Germany, but in the US, they are hostile to vulnerable and marginalized
> people. LFP works closely with those communities, so my fear is that
> working with the police -- even when tactically useful for Tor -- can
> damage the trust relationship we have with those people. I am struggling
> with how to reconcile this!

IDK, ask them if they are ok with you talking to the police about Tor?
And if they ask you what exactly you mean by (and I guess they will
strongly emphasize when quoting) "talking to the police", you can give
the examples of what Jens and Linus achieved by doing so – in a strictly
educational way on the topic of Tor!



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