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Kenneth Freeman kencf0618 at riseup.net
Fri Oct 23 00:05:28 UTC 2015

On 10/22/2015 03:38 PM, Alison Macrina wrote:

> Thanks Jens and Linus for sharing their experiences. I think it's
> tactically useful to educate local police about Tor, and it's something
> that mrphs and I intend to do as part of our exit relay project so that
> we don't run into the same kind of pushback that we got during the pilot
> round.

Good idea. As a practical matter, police departments don't want to waste
resources chasing bad guys where the bad guys aren't (exit nodes being a
prime example).

> But here's my fear: I don't know what the police are like in Sweden or
> Germany, but in the US, they are hostile to vulnerable and marginalized
> people. LFP works closely with those communities, so my fear is that
> working with the police -- even when tactically useful for Tor -- can
> damage the trust relationship we have with those people. I am struggling
> with how to reconcile this!

Tor is for everyone. Swiss Army Knife.

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