[tor-talk] Hidden Service forum for Annonimity an Privacy support

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 16:25:57 UTC 2018

>>  - We want to make a friendly 'dark web', so that we can show that even
>> do anonymity can be abuse, it is important for a free society.

> A thought along these lines occurred to me.  With all the "cloud"
> functions out there today, why is it that someone can't run a cloud
> server that allows users to login anonymously and use a browser to surf
> the Internet, or, use email, as an anonymous user?
> You get a login name, but no other identification, and a password, then
> just do your online thing, whatever it is, with no record of where you
> login from.  I wonder if anyone has something like that already?

They're called shell accounts and have been around for decades.
Same for dedicated boxes, VPS, "Cloud", VPN, and whatever else.
All allow "user:pass", "surfing" "email".

"No record of where you login from?" - Nope, rather unlikely,
not from the service, its ISP, or any part of the internet / government
between them and you, including your ISP.

"Someone can't run one?" - You can, you can even make it
free for people by putting your own money into it pro bono,
or charging more for other services, or running advertising,
or soliciting donations.

Or datamining, selling, sharing, and violating the fuck out of
users, bonus points for having unverifiable privacy policies
that either say you don't, or that are really just feel good
plastic wrappers around bad swiss cheese.

"A friendly dark web" - Ever since the first anonymous overlay
networks had "hidden services", i2p / onion / freenet / etc,
there have been "friendly" ones. You just have to look, and create.

> teach (and learn)  how to use secure tools ... good online community support.

Your described onion "forums" have existed since then too,
very few have been both high quality and long term.
Feel free to change that :)

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