[tor-talk] Hidden Service forum for Annonimity an Privacy support

Iain Learmonth irl at torproject.org
Fri Jan 12 09:49:41 UTC 2018


On 10/01/18 01:56, Zzzzz wrote:
> So we have this idea of building an online forum hosted on an onion
> service where you newbies can ask questions in anonymous way. So when
> you teach someone about online privacy and anonymity tools and they
> have, at least, a Tor Browser and bookmarked the onion address there
> would be a place where they can ask questions without revealing their
> identity.

This sounds cool.

> We think there should be a minimum set of rules or guidelines:
>  - Stay on topic.
>  - Be nice with others
>  - Do not use your realname (we should remain anonymous)

I think you're going to need some levels of moderation. A model that may
work is pseudonymity as opposed to anonymity. If users keep the same
login name (which could be a randomly generated number you get when you
sign up, not even a chosen nickname) then they can build reputation.

I think there should be an option to use your real name. Enforced
anonymity takes away choice. I would choose to use my real name on such
a system so that others can see who I am when I give advice, and that
can in some way be trusted (verification of real world identities is a
whole other issue though).

>  - What about moderation for those who not respect this (or the
> guidelines we decide to use to join the community).

You are almost certainly going to have to put resource into moderation.
If you run the service, you choose the rules. Don't worry about being
too restrictive, if someone wants a less restrictive service they can
run their own.

> 	Does doing the moderation should use real names we should stay anonymous?

This should be up to the moderator. Real names are really only a pointer
to reputation in the same way that a pseudonym is.

>  - There should be no need to register to make a question, however we
> believe we should encourage people to open anonymous mails to have an
> account (maybe no need for email I guess it depends on forum software)

Accessibility vs. moderator resources is a tradeoff. You can always
switch models if you find that the tradeoff is not working either way.

>  - We also believe that this is an opportunity to learn how to use
> pseudonymous and have alternative identities not tight to our real life.
> To many intelligence agency and corporations getting in our lives.

Giving good explanations of anonymity, pseudonymity and other concepts
as someone uses the site could be cool. Each step explains concepts that
are relevant.

>  - Should those behind the platform should remain anonymous or should
> reveal their identity? We live in 'democratic' countries where online
> anonymity is not well understand, but is not illegal. Might not be like
> this in the future and governments are starting to attack online anonymity.

This is up to you.

It would be beneficial, in my opinion, to not try to hide yourselves or
the server as this gives you the option of having a clearnet (non-onion)
version of the website which can be browsed, but then maybe you have to
use the onion service to post questions/interact with it.

>  - We want to make a friendly 'dark web', so that we can show that even
> do anonymity can be abuse, it is important for a free society.

You might like to take a look at this list of onion links:


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