[tor-talk] Hidden Service forum for Annonimity an Privacy support

Charles T. Bell cbell44 at cfl.rr.com
Thu Jan 11 10:05:10 UTC 2018

On 01/09/2018 08:56 PM, Zzzzz wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry for my bad English. We live in a country somewhere and teach (and
> learn)  how to use secure tools in events like Cryptoparties. However we
> have the feeling that there is not a good online community support. Some
> groups use stuff like Signal, WhatsApp to keep in touch where you need
> to use real cellphone number, with no anonimity.
> So we have this idea of building an online forum hosted on an onion
> service where you newbies can ask questions in anonymous way. So when
> you teach someone about online privacy and anonymity tools and they
> have, at least, a Tor Browser and bookmarked the onion address there
> would be a place where they can ask questions without revealing their
> identity.
> I write this email because there might be people that have done
> something similar. So we have some ideas and would like to have comments
> from you guys.
> We think there should be a minimum set of rules or guidelines:
>  - Stay on topic.
>  - Be nice with others
>  - Do not use your realname (we should remain anonymous)
>  - What about moderation for those who not respect this (or the
> guidelines we decide to use to join the community).
> 	- For instance: someone wants to buy drugs and decide to use the forum
> to ask the question in anonymouse way. We don't have problem with that,
> but this is not the purpose of the forum.
> 	- Someone post personal info about someone. Should we delete that? How
> to decide what should be deleted and what not?
> 	Does doing the moderation should use real names we should stay anonymous?
>  - There should be no need to register to make a question, however we
> believe we should encourage people to open anonymous mails to have an
> account (maybe no need for email I guess it depends on forum software)
>  - We also believe that this is an opportunity to learn how to use
> pseudonymous and have alternative identities not tight to our real life.
> To many intelligence agency and corporations getting in our lives.
>  - Any recommendation for forum software? We where thinking something
> like discourse (https://www.discourse.org/) Any recommendation?
>  - Should those behind the platform should remain anonymous or should
> reveal their identity? We live in 'democratic' countries where online
> anonymity is not well understand, but is not illegal. Might not be like
> this in the future and governments are starting to attack online anonymity.
>  - We want to make a friendly 'dark web', so that we can show that even
> do anonymity can be abuse, it is important for a free society.
> Thank You!
A thought along these lines occurred to me.  With all the "cloud"
functions out there today, why is it that someone can't run a cloud
server that allows users to login anonymously and use a browser to surf
the Internet, or, use email, as an anonymous user?
You get a login name, but no other identification, and a password, then
just do your online thing, whatever it is, with no record of where you
login from.  I wonder if anyone has something like that already?

"There are lies, damned lies and alternative facts!"
-- me  (with apologies to Mark Twain)

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