[tor-talk] Fast and clean free provider for a couple of HTML pages

Mirimir mirimir at riseup.net
Wed Jul 16 06:18:21 UTC 2014

On 07/15/2014 06:29 AM, Red Sonja wrote:


>>> But when most people ask the answers are like this. How's
>>> «properly configured»? How do I know it is properly
>>> configured?
>> Ultimately, you know that when it works, and it doesn't leak, no
>> matter how you try to break it. Sorry :(
> No matter? Like using a credit card or just your real address?

When you're testing, you don't reveal anything that matters.

>> Actually, the "properly configured" part is easy:
>> SocksPort DnsPort
>> The hard part is the iptables rules. I'll post something useful
>> ASAP.
> Thank you.

OK, I have a basic set of iptables rules for Debian that block
everything except Tor. But they are undoubtedly not elegant, because
my iptables skills are iffy :( I also have instructions for leak testing.

However, the whole thing is far too long and involved to post on the
list. So, please see

>>> The wiki is quite messy. And you have old stuff and new stuff.
>>> None is dated so the new stuff can be old as well.
>> I agree. It's confusing.
> As all the info in this area is only on a temporary basis, see 
> Heartbleed and the rest, there should be a large banner with tall
> bold red letters with the year: 2010 this is how you do IRC over
> Tor, 2012 this is how you do IRC...
>>> I fully agree with you: complex apps are simply complex. I want
>>> basic tools and for that I am ready to pass the GUI and go for
>>> the shell. But how do I test for leaks?
>> You install Wireshark, and then capture on eth0. You should see
>> no non-local traffic except with your entry guards.
> Does it work with Wifi?

Yes, it should, but I'm not set up to test that.


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