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Red Sonja BM-2cTpEdTADjx2bQf6WuuX1CPER78Sq3xL76 at bitmessage.ch
Tue Jul 15 12:29:33 UTC 2014

>> Yes, but I have no idea what the server is seeing from me.
> As long as you're using Tor browser or Tails, I doubt that the server is
> seeing anything except a Tor exit IP.

So Tails would be a good idea. Although I prefer my customized desktop.

>> So I was hoping for somebody who already went through this to share
>> info. The couple I have tried so far do not even use HTTPS for the
>> control panel.
> Using HTTPS for the control panel is another important criterion.

So far no option. Half a day wasted on sites I have a feeling they are
the same with slightly different themes. The email, the captcha, even
the procedure is identical. I should make a microsite as review means
some ahole who makes a list and wants badly to help you click through
his reseller account.

>> I searched for ssh support and it is a web console that simulates ssh
>> in the browser. FTP so far is plain and open.
> I doubt that you'll find free web hosting that works with command line
> tools. You won't get that until VPS hosting.

Good to know that.

>> And to make things nicer, they do email me the account and password.
> That's all too common :( There's less need for support that way. It's
> really bad when they email you the new password whenever you change it.

Never thought about it. And yes, they do remail you the new password.
And it's no temporary one time password either.

>> But when most people ask the answers are like this. How's «properly
>> configured»? How do I know it is properly configured?
> Ultimately, you know that when it works, and it doesn't leak, no matter
> how you try to break it. Sorry :(

No matter? Like using a credit card or just your real address?

> Actually, the "properly configured" part is easy:
> SocksPort
> DnsPort
> The hard part is the iptables rules. I'll post something useful ASAP.

Thank you.

>> The wiki is quite messy. And you have old stuff and new stuff. None is
>> dated so the new stuff can be old as well.
> I agree. It's confusing.

As all the info in this area is only on a temporary basis, see
Heartbleed and the rest, there should be a large banner with tall bold
red letters with the year: 2010 this is how you do IRC over Tor, 2012
this is how you do IRC...

>> I fully agree with you: complex apps are simply complex. I want basic
>> tools and for that I am ready to pass the GUI and go for the shell. But
>> how do I test for leaks?
> You install Wireshark, and then capture on eth0. You should see no
> non-local traffic except with your entry guards.

Does it work with Wifi?

I don't have big deal to hide. It's not snuff movies and the cheapest
crack on a 100 mile radius. Only that I am a gypsy and today I have free
wifi available. And tomorrow not. And maybe the day after tomorrow it's
going to be Macdonalds. I don't think is anybody's business my moves.

> To install Wireshark, open a terminal and run these commands:
> sudo apt-get update
> sudo apt-get install wireshark
> To configure wireshark to allow a non-root user to sniff packets, run
> these commands:
> sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common
> sudo adduser $USER wireshark

And repeat that for Tails, I don't recall having Wireshark in the menu.

>> Please understand, I have nothing against you: on the contrary, you are
>> the only one who answered me. But the whole thing is a mess. A year or
>> so I asked the Tails guys why doesn't my USB installed from VirtualBox
>> doesn't work. They were rather cold and the main guy said something
>> along the lines: it's not free and we don't support it. Yes, the USB
>> part of VirtualBox is not supported.
> I'm not sure that I understand that. USB support in VirtualBox does
> require the extensions plug-in, and that's free but not "free" in a
> purist sense. Is that it?

Neither did I. One year later things are blurrier. Virtual Box was the
reason why nobody could answer. Whonix supports only Virtual Box. I
don't doubt they have good reasons behind those decisions. It only looks
messy and hard to understand from my side of the screen.

>> Whonix needs it. And it's a 3Gb download.
> As long as you're not hiding Tor from your ISP, I don't see why you need
> to download Whonix via Tails. And yet, Whonix is large. The Tor gateway
> VM could be much smaller. I can point you to instructions for setting up
> a pfSense VM as a Tor gateway, if you're interested.

I don't have an ISP. Never had for a few years. And Tor has helped me a
lot to get to pornographic sites like PortableApps.com when at a local

But I guess I'll stick to Tails. I just have to identify the nice free
webhoster. Today I'm like looking for Lavabit in a world of Yahoo Mail
and Gmail.

And you know what? Wordpress.com works like a dream. And I can even post
by email and forget the whole mess with FTP and SSH. But a 2Kb post
blows into a 68Kb html file and a torrent of css, js and png.

>> I feel so lost...
> It's very good to know that you're lost, when you're lost ;)

I find it frustrating

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