a problem about run tor bridge

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The is my private network address and the bridge is only intended to be used in the internal network.


Gaofeng He

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Hi, everyone!
My computer is behind a NAT and I can connect to the Tor network directly ( not using Tor bridges although I am in China). Now I want to configure my tor as a bridge to let my friend connect to the Tor network. His IP is 172.18.12.xxx. My configuration file looks like:
BridgeRelay 1 
ContactInfo hegaofeng at seu dot edu dot cn 
ControlPort 9051 
ExitPolicy reject *:* 
Log notice stdout 
Nickname ORhgf 
ORPort 443 
PublishServerDescriptor 0
RelayBandwidthBurst 10485760
RelayBandwidthRate 5242880

And my bridge information is:

But this dosen't work. The Vidalia is always stopping at "Loading relay information...".
I use Wireshark and find the TLS handshake is normal.
Can anyone tell me why? Thanks a lot!


Gaofeng He
first, you can't run any tor service behind NAT unless you can configure your firewall/NAT in order to enable port forwarding. By the way, what the hell is Who can connect to that thing?

second, I do not think  "Loding relay information..." has anything to do with your recent bridge configuration.
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