[tor-reports] OONI team progress report for the month of December

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Mon Jan 5 10:58:00 UTC 2015

# What we did in December 2014

* Implement TCP test template in libight:

* Implement DNS Injection test in libight:

* Implement TCP Connect test in libight:

* Implement HTTP Invalid Request Line in libight:

* Work on getting ooniprobe working on raspberry pi and prepare some
devices to give away at 31C3

* Recruit some probe operators online in interesting countries that
should run ooniprobe with a raspberry-pi:

* Make ubuntu PPA for ooniprobe:

* Use gzip for archived non sanitized ooni reports:

* Attend 31C3 and do:

    * 1 lightning talk on ooni

    * 2 presentations in the small halls on ooni

    * Hold a brief presentation during "The State of the Onion" talk

    * Launch the adopt an ooni-probe campaign and give out 3 raspberry
pi's to people in 3 interesting countries

* Migrate ooni-pipeline to another machine

# What shall be done in January

* Update the ooniprobe debian packages

* Create the ooni-probe operator mailing list

* Improve the consent disclaimer for ooni-probe

* Work on visualizations for the tests

* Automate the report publishing and synchronization tasks

* Setup monitoring of ooni infrastructure:

* Add support for obfs4

~ Arturo

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