[tor-reports] Georg's December 2014

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Jan 5 13:11:35 UTC 2015


here is what I spent most of my time in December on:

-getting the 4.0.2 and 4.5-alpha-2 releases out
-creating a new Tor Browser signing key and documenting the process[1][2]
-reviewing and testing signing our MAR files[3]

Moreover I:

-reviewed/tested/merged patches[4][5][6][7]
-triaged tickets[8][9][10][11][12]
-worked on the security slider[13]
-made our Tor Browser build system Debian aware[14]
-thought a bit about timing attacks with requestAnimationFrame()[15]
-updated the release procedures[16]
-fought with some libfaketime issues in our gitian setup[17][18]


[1] https://bugs.torproject.org/13407
[2] https://bugs.torproject.org/13960
[3] https://bugs.torproject.org/13379
[4] https://bugs.torproject.org/13439
[5] https://bugs.torproject.org/13881
[6] https://bugs.torproject.org/13776
[7] https://bugs.torproject.org/13439
[8] https://bugs.torproject.org/12113
[9] https://bugs.torproject.org/13875
[10] https://bugs.torproject.org/13877
[11] https://bugs.torproject.org/13993
[12] https://bugs.torproject.org/13949
[13] https://bugs.torproject.org/9387
[14] https://bugs.torproject.org/10125
[15] https://bugs.torproject.org/11333
[16] https://bugs.torproject.org/13916
[17] https://bugs.torproject.org/13970
[18] https://bugs.torproject.org/13877

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