[tor-reports] Colin's December 2014

Colin C. colin at torproject.org
Sun Jan 4 20:38:06 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Done this month:
- Resolved 115 tickets on RT
- Rejected 26 spam tickets on RT
- Ran support team meeting
- Continued work on Sponsor O Tor curriculum
- Started conversion of Leiah's slide template into a beamer theme
  (will be finished in January)
- Met with OTF/Secondmuse regarding translations and CTF
- Continued following up with possible exit runners, a few are
  now online as Guards / Middle relays.
- Deployed test hidden service for support usage
- Celebrated the holiday with family

Notes on RT:
- iOS users continuing to look for a Tor solution
- Increase in requests to assist with relay setup
- Fewer users appear to be running into issues updating the Tor Browser
- Increase in users requiring custom bridges (we need more of these)
- Meek seems to still be functional in many censored regions
- Many users still requesting support with specific hidden services
- User still experience trouble with the "directly connect" / "configure" screen

Goals for next month
- Get back to answering more tickets on RT
- Finish converting Leiah's slide template into LaTeX
- Run 2 support meetings
- Draft plan to accept volunteers into the support team safely
- Source volunteers for updating Sponsor O-related documentation
- Assist with updating the short user manual

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