[tor-reports] What Nick did up to this part of February

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Thu Feb 26 17:11:12 UTC 2015

What Nick did throughout February, up through the afternoon 26 Feb.

Sending this report a bit early, since I expect to be down for the
weekend and busy next week.

I started the month with a visit to the SF Bay area.  While there, I met
with a bunch of folks, and a propsective PM hire.

I also attended a DRL implementors meeting at Stanford, and talked a lot
about how Tor can help other projects that support privacy and oppose
censorship, and how they can help Tor.  I learned about some
documentation people have written for Tor in a few different langauges,
and forwarded it to the appropriate folks for examination and reply.  I
also learned some neat trends in "holistic security training" [*], met
some funders, and learned a couple of neat tricks for building anonymous
statistics that should help with some of the HS stats work and elsewhere
(if I can convince anybody else how cool they are).

With bundles of assistance, I put out release of Tor. See
the Changelog for more information: This includes the finished versions
of many features and bugfixes on 0.2.5.  It is more testable, has
support for better guard behavior than before, and lots more.  See the
changelog for more info.  I also helped run the final triage on 0.2.6
bugs, and started new branches for work on 0.2.7, and worked on
debugging and fixing problems found in so far.

I dusted off some patches for 0.2.7, including major work on ed25519
keys.  I started writing some proposals for 0.2.7 or later about safe
migration of private address sets, replacing MyFamily, and other stuff.

I've done more work on a design sketch and partial hack for a hacked-up
'chutney2'.  More thinking needed; I hope to circulate it this coming

I worked to make sure the PM hire went through smoothly, chatted with
people about crowdfunding stuff, wrote a couple of manifestos for my own
amusement, talked to crypto people about crypto, read through the
(n+1)sec spec, met with Katie while she was visiting Boston, helped some
folks figure out expenses & contracts issues, squashed a bunch of
coverity issues, and solved bugs bugs and more bugs.

[*] Bascially, you teach people that security is a process and includes
    a set of lifestyle, and that stress management and addressing mental
    health concerns is a part of the training that people who need
    security also need.

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