[tor-reports] Isabela's work on July

Isabela isabela at riseup.net
Tue Aug 4 05:17:02 UTC 2015

Start the month at PETs.

Finished a draft for a bridge funding (institutional development
funding, not bridgeDB) that Wendy is working on. Will improve it a
little more in August.

Worked with Nick and Core Tor team to start tagging tasks the team will
work for the coming month. We did a small experiment in July and are now
going for it on August. The goal is to reproduce some of the practice
the Tor Browser team has, while I continue to work on getting all Tor in
more monthly routines (for reports, planning etc) as part of the
conversations in Boston.

Organized quarterly reports with Harmony and wrote Development Plan as a
supplement for our reports describing our strategy to diversify our funds.

Met with Denna and organized sponsor U monthly reports, working on an
invoice for completed tasks (should continue in August because there
were some back and forward as this is our first time invoicing them).

Met with Katina and will follow up on helping managing the crowdfunding

Start to work on a proposal to SIDA focus on usability support for Tor
Browser. We are working with SecondMuse on that and we hope to submit it
by August 10th.

Organized the operational meetings. Continue to help Finance on
different tasks. Helped Isis on her OTF proposal.

Tried to get the Trac re-org off the ground but failed / will try again
in August.

PM at TorProject.org
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