[tor-reports] OONI status report for September 2014

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Mon Oct 6 08:28:08 UTC 2014

# Activities of September 2014

This month was a one dedicated mainly to system administration related
tasks and on moving forwards the process of deploying OONI on M-Lab.

All of the final details for the mlab deployment have been sorted out
(also thanks to meeting with the mlab people in DC for the OTF summit)
and should be set to have it deployed in the upcoming months.

The bridge reachability project is also moving forward very well, with
us having now probes in China, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, that run daily
measurements to verify if a set of Tor bridges are working or not.
Not all the collected data has yet been published since it also contains
addresses of bridges that are not public.

We also have released a new version of ooniprobe and oonibackend. You
can read more about it's changelog here:

Here are some of the tickets that we have solved this month:

* Implemented support for making bouncer and client aware of policies:

* Add support for writing oonibackend reports using the mlab format

* Run a final end-to-end test

* Get two boxes that are modern for running the bridge reachability tests:

* Fix backward compatibility with twisted 13.1 in ooniprobe

* Make ansible deployment script for bridge reachability probes on
debian stable

* Configure travis to run ooni-backend tests regularly with public reports

* Attended the OTF summit in DC

# Plans for October 2014

* Post process the data collected by the bridge DB collector

* Sanitize .csv files

* ooni's TrueHeaders uses a dict() for internal storage:

* Make a test that measures both HTTP and DNS censorship:

* ooni's TrueHeaders uses a dict() for internal storage:

* Do not verify inputs if no policy is specified

~ Art.

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