[tor-reports] Harmony’s September 2014

harmony harmony01 at riseup.net
Wed Oct 1 14:04:40 UTC 2014

Harmony’s September 2014 report

as-Salaamu ‘alaykum!

Here is what I did this month:


* I solved 135 support tickets, of which 104 in Persian, 23 in Russian,
  and 8 in English.

Tor Weekly News

* I wrote large parts of issues #61, #62, and #64 of Tor Weekly News,
  and all of #63. I published these on the tor-news and tor-talk mailing
  lists and on the blog, making a total of fifteen issues released by me
  so far. #65 was written and ready to publish at the turn of the month.


* This was the first month in which I took care of all the Tor Weekly
  News issues. Unfortunately, I also spent less time on support work
  than in either of the two previous months. This is partly due to a
  (now-staunched) deluge of offline tasks, but also to diminished
  confidence in my ability to actually solve some common user problems,
  especially complicated firewall/proxy issues. Support work is my
  priority for the coming month.

* Russian tickets are currently being assigned to me as they are found
  in the help queue by other members of the support team, for which
  thanks go to them. A few are spam, but most are genuine queries. A
  help-ru queue is not on the cards unless some more people show up to

In October I hope to:

* Solve more tickets, and sort out the help-fa backlog once and for all.
  Uncertainty over who is actually still helping out with the Persian
  queue resulted in about twenty tickets getting dropped on the floor
  since July; I need to resolve these.

* Produce instructions for routine Tor user tasks like bridge and PT
  configuration in Russian and Persian. These will ideally live in RT’s
  “articles” section, but for want of a help-ru queue the Russian ones
  will probably have to remain as local textfiles until I can find
  somewhere to publish them (hopefully before I get hit by that bus that
  keeps following me around!).

* Write and send more Tor Weekly News.

* With Lunar, make progress on the Tor Weekly News reader survey.

harmony01 at riseup.net

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