[tor-reports] Georg's January 2014

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Feb 4 19:50:39 UTC 2014

Hi all,

in January there were three major things I was working on:

1) I fixed two bugs that prevented the screen resolution from being a
multiple of 200x100 on some systems.[0][1] But there is still a redesign
of the underlying algorithm necessary as the current one does not take
e.g. the size of taskbars into account.[2]

2) I started to help getting TorBrowser patches into Mozilla's main
development repository[3][4] and was working on a unit test making sure
that there are no DNS leaks in the Websocket code path in the future
anymore.[5] The latter is not finished yet and is one item for February.

3) I started to fix annoying freezes of the browser while it is trying
to sniff the content type of a resource loaded.[6] This work is done now
(at least I hope so).

Apart from that I spent some time on

thinking about Nicolas' Gitian replacement proposal.[7]

setting up Gentoo to test an alternative to Ubuntu for doing our
reproducible builds.[8] So far the results are promising (I got
everything installed and the VMs got created). However, I need to find a
free partition on my build machine or buy a new computer to test it further.

cross-compiling the WebGL bits for Windows. That failed back then due to
a pending Mozilla bug which got merged some days ago.[9]


refactoring Gitian bundle descriptors.[24]


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