[tor-reports] What Nick Did in January 2014

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Tue Feb 4 17:18:09 UTC 2014

* I went to the Real-World Cryptography workshop in NYC.  I talked
with a bunch of cryptographers there about their ideas for improving
Tor and other systems, ranging from improved relay crypto to
(blue-sky) ideas for post-quantum forward-secrecy designs.
* I worked with George to resolve the remaining issues in the hidden
service redesign.
* I hacked up a quick pure-python tool to parse the new maxmind geoip
format so we can convert it into something better.
* Worked more on #10169 and made some patches to send Rob for testing
* Reviewed and merged patches of general use and interest
* Wrote a draft proposal for consensuses to include package hashes.
Mike has it on his queue.

In February, I want to:

* Come to the dev meeting with some awesome stuff done, to include an
implementation of much of proposal 220.
* Come to the dev meeting with good ideas for how to run a dev meeting smoothly
* Leave the dev meeting happy.
* Cut my backlog of needs_review tickets by half.
* Get a release out.
* Merge #10169
* Fix a bunch more tickets too.
* Send another proposal-status email to the ml.
* Get more organized about prioritizing all the stuff that I could
potentially be doing.


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