[tor-reports] Andrew's November 2014

Andrew Lewman andrew at torproject.is
Tue Dec 2 14:07:41 UTC 2014

# Andrew's November 2014

## Highlights
  - Announced partnership with Mozilla and CDT as part of the Polaris 
Project, https://blog.torproject.org/blog/partnering-mozilla
  - A bunch of interviews about Mozilla partnership
  - Talk to three more hardware router companies wanting to do 
kickstarter campaigns
  - Work on getting more people involved in press interviews and outreach
  - Help write/review proposal for a 4 year project to improve Tor in the 

## Details

November 21
• talk to naiomi at slate
• talk to kevin at wired
• intro karen, roger, mike to pr firm
November 19
• talk to katie about press coordination
• remove melissa from everything email
• get approval for roger
• DRL - payment management system access to move from Melissa to Stephen
• work on summary budget for publication
• setup wuala for business to test out accounting file share
• invoice tor solutions for work performed in 2014
• send approval request for roger
November 18
• add new mirrors
• talk to IBTimes
• figure out ssh/git setup again
• respond to IB Times interview
• send t-shirts
• setup conf call with X about search
• respond to IDG interview
• intro Paula to roger
• respond to doodle polls for exec team
• Edit proposal
• nbc universal interview
November 17
• send paula's contact info to tor-exec ppl
November 13
• talk to pr firm
• talk to kelly/msr
• call senator schumer about 
November 12
• send out t-shirts
• someone tells us they are going after core.onion wiki content, destroy 
their lives
• decomission bwauth
• BBJ interview
November 11
• return call to tiffany at albrect media
• write blog post about mozilla
November 10
• talk to NYT
• respond to joseph
• sign jeremy's contract
• get bitpay october statement
• wire money from DSB to Citi
• get DSB october statements
• get paypal october statement
• push website via jenkins
• approve transfers in citi
• approve payments in citi
• send dave/jenn talking points about mozilla polaris
• send dave/jenn nathan's email on hidden services 2.0
• talk to bbc
November 9
• sketch out blog post for the open standard/mozilla
• file october timesheet
November 8
• sign AMS HR contract
• confirm david visit
• sign PETS publisher contract
• interview with daily dot
• interview with Gizmodo
• interview with Wired
• interview with WSJ
• lunch with wendy
• intro sue to exec-comm for check approval
• meet with PR firm
November 5
• get cash management contract reviewed
• get receipts from karen starting feb 13 to may 31 2014
• fix nsf fastlane for stephen
• send more tshirts
• send icinga stats and meek questions to CDN provider
• finish financial forms for emcdda
• respond to emcdda
• respond to todd about D&O insurance
November 4
• ask about redoing office
• cs monistor photoshoot
• cbs interview
• intro stephen to sandy
• send nima a t-shirt
• mail 73 t-shirts waiting
• intro mike/georg to mozilla
• send email about CDN provider
November 3
• schedule brainstorming session for board on future of tor
•  CDN conf call
• meet with nimblebot
• send mozilla plans to internal
• fill out microsoft easy match form

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