[tor-reports] Andrew's October 2014

Andrew Lewman andrew at torproject.is
Tue Dec 2 13:33:55 UTC 2014

# Andrew's October 2014

## Highlights
  - A huge number of interviews over speculation about browser vendors 
and Tor integration
  - A huge number of interviews over Anonabox and their Kickstarter
  - Keynote speech at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  - Spent a week with the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug 
Addiction in Lisbon, Portugal learning about cryptomarkets, drugs on the 
Internet, law enforcement efforts, harm reduction efforts, Internet drug 
treatment counseling, and more.
- The usual operational work to keep Tor Project running

## Details
October 28
• follow-up on indirect rate audit statement
• cs monitor interview on bad exit relay
October 26
• wire paychex germany
• book flights to lisbon
• get hotel in lisbon
October 24
• wsj interview
• sign internews contract, review policy suggestions
• publish ransomware post
• send amsterdam trip report
• schedule meeting with browser company
October 23
• review/edit internews contract
• talk to company X about tor solutions
• present at broadband world forum
• ask pat about LIGHTS and future
October 20
• get hotel in amsterdam
• book flights to amsterdam
• answer user about accept ranges headers
• start ransomware post
• approve outstanding wires
• fund payroll
• investigate bounced check
• add david and julius to internal svn
• send message about mozilla
October 19
• fix cappadocicum disk and kernel issues
• patch stellatum, yatei, cappadocicum
October 18
• get approval for whs
• get approval for nicolas
• get approval for george k
• get approval for arturo
• get approval for griffin
• patch the systems
October 17
• patch systems
• respond to spanish anonabox queries
• respond to daily dot
• send approval request for ccc
• send approval request for nicolas
• send approval request for george k
• send approval request for arturo
October 16
• send dave/jen status page pdf
• send dave/jen state media plan
• send dave/jen truthloader video
• work on 2015 draft budget
• send approval request for griffin
October 15
• send notice to old bank
October 14
• patch systems
• send out certification program notes
• send out t-shirts
• setup template to wire money to new bank
• wire georg
• pay matt
• get approval for 2 invoices
• add dave to tor-assistants
• add dave to tor-internal
• unsub user from tor-talk for spamming
October 12
• publish website
• update mirror-status
October 11
• write monthly report
October 10
• send out https://www.opentechfund.org/fellowships/etfp to tor-internal
• grant stephen access to missing accounts
• approve waiting wires
• talk to David
• send 11 t-shirts
October 9
• talk to anonabox people
• talk to RFA
• find a new printer for the office
October 8
• setup our benevity account for google donations
• sign NCE for SRI
• truthtellers interview
• write up notes from vendor meeting
October 7
• send mike link to bounty program idea
• get amazon statements for september
• get paypal statements for september
• get bitpay statements for sept
• send t-shirts
October 6
• conf call with vendor
• complete and submit monthly timesheet
• get DSB statements for sept
• survey available HR companies to handle our needs
• figure out google gsoc missing payments
• write up media plan for State
• approve pending wires
• write up to get a contract from tor
• reschedule MIT talk or find substitute
• approve jeremy's email
• approve leiah's email
• schedule conf call at 16:00 today
• send out t-shirts
• mail stickers to NYC
• get approval to pay 3BIS
• get approval to pay PC
October 2
• CS Monitor interview
October 1
• write up contractor details for q3-q4 2014
• update patches

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