[tor-reports] September status report

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Tue Dec 17 01:27:43 UTC 2013

Highlights from September:

I was invited to testify in front of the LIBE committee in Brussels for
their investigation into the mass surveillance revelations:




The LIBE committee is really breaking ground and trying to document the
massive surveillance problems that face the planet. They have asked me
for technical suggestions, which I have suggested informally but will
also assist with in a more formal manner next year.

I also traveled to Sweden for some meetings. I was also asked to testify
as an invited expert witness at the trial of Anakata:


This case was important for explaining to the Swedish court that a
computer is not a person. That sound silly but I assure you, it is a
serious issue. :( I managed to get him acquitted of some of the charges
against him.

I did some digging about fake GnuPG keys that have been inserted into
the key servers for specific members of the Tor community.

Arjen Lenstra held an event about surveillance in Switzerland where
Caspar, Bruce and I spoke:


All the best,

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