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Gary C. New garycnew at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 10 15:51:52 UTC 2021

When you say, "periodically go down once a month" do you mean the Tor service dies, becomes defunct, circuits bleed off, Internet connectivity issues, power goes out, etc? Anything in the torlog that might provide a clue? From your metrics, you can definitely tell your relay goes down once or twice a month 
I don't know of a way to monitor and restart the Tor service via the torrc file. However, if you knew the root cause, it would help to monitor, report, and/or restore the Tor service, externally.
I have battery backups, power generator, and loadbalance to multiple relay nodes within my portion of the Tor network. I would like to add redundant ISP's and routers to my topology, as well.

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So my relay at https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#details/79E3B585803DE805CCBC00C1EF36B1E74372861D


Seems to periodically go down once a month or so. I am wondering, is there a way configure tor (via the torrc file) to restart automatically once a month? Thank you.



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