[tor-relays] Tor website overhaul -- who deserves punishment?

Ralph Seichter abbot at monksofcool.net
Wed Mar 27 16:57:17 UTC 2019

* Matthew Finkel:

> Please be respectful. The tone of this message is disrespectful of the
> time, effort, and skill that went into launching the new website. It's
> unfortunate you do not appreciate or like the new site, but that does
> not excuse you.

Disrespectful for you, maybe. I did not name names. Besides, I won't
feign to care about time and effort spent when I consider the result not
worth said time and effort. I don't hand out medals or diplomas for
trying/participating. You probably get the gist. ;-)

> This new website is significantly better and more welcoming for the
> general population, rather than a small percentage of the population.

I respect your right to have that opinion, although I disagree.  What
metrics you believe to support your "significantly better" I don't know.

> If you have suggestions for improving the new design, then please let
> us know.

I suggest reverting to the previous website design. That design was,
IMO, "welcoming for the general population" in the sense that it treated
visitors as intelligent beings, capable of reading more than a few
buzzwords. I find it alarming that a certain school of web designers
these days seem to think their audience has the attention span of fruit
flies. From where I am standing, *that* is disrespectful.


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