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Sun Jun 2 05:45:35 UTC 2019


> On 1 Jun 2019, at 14:57, Matt Westfall <mwestfall at ecansol.com> wrote:
> Hello thanks for the comments, I might do that, remove the limits, because it's self limiting by the 1 Gbps network port, so it can't use more than that anyway.

Following the instructions here:

It looks like your relay is limited by its own observed bandwidth.
(The observed bandwidth that your relay has seen itself using.)

So increasing the RelayBandwidthRate would be a good idea.

If your relay's observed bandwidth gets above 9 megabytes a second, your
relay will be limited by the bandwidth authorities' measurements. (The
median measurement for your relay is 8910 scaled kilobytes per second.)


There might not be much you can do about this: Comcast has slow peering
with a large number of internet networks. And it looks like 4/6 of tor's
current bandwidth authorities are on those networks.

This isn't something Tor can fix: we can only measure the bandwidth that
Comcast is giving you. If Comcast has slow peering to US East and Europe,
then clients using your relay will be slow.

> I tried to run chutney tests to see what hardware supports but haven't quite figured out what the command line I should be using is.
> Any help with that would be appreciated.

You're right, the README is more confusing than it needs to be.

./chutney/tools/test-network.sh --data $[10*1024*1024]

If a 10 MB transfer is too fast, try 100 MB.

I opened this ticket for us to fix our documentation:

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