[tor-relays] Debugging ipv6 conenctivity

Charly Ghislain charlyghislain at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 13:47:44 UTC 2019

Hi all,

My tor relay has got the UnreachableIpv6 flag set once i mentionned an
OrPort with my ipv6 address.

>From what i can tell, my server is reachable over ipv6, and can contact the
directory authorities through ipv6 (following the instructions found there:

The node is behind an haproxy that relays ipv6 traffic to natted ipv4 (with
no logging for those concerned). It seems to work fine for web content over
ipv6, and traffic on both ips (v4 and v6) goes through this channel.

I can successfully telnet my node ORPort using my v6 address. The ports
have been defined this way in torrc:
ORPort NoAdvertise
ORPort NoListen
ORPort [2001:41d0:1:84bc::1]:9001 NoListen

Is there a way to make a tor client connect to a specific relay to debug
this kind of connectivity issues? Or any other mean?

In the meantime ive removed the advertized ip6.


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