[tor-relays] relayor v19.0.0 is released

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Sat Feb 23 13:09:00 UTC 2019


relayor has been made for relay operators to help
them install and manage tor relays with minimal effort.


Changes since v18.1.1

    - torrc:
        enable tor's Sandbox feature by default on Ubuntu (where it was previously disabled as a workaround for #160 )
        don't set tor RelayBandwidthBurst if the input field is empty
    - increase tor_alpha_version 0.3.4.x -> 0.4.0.x
    - increase min ansible version 2.6.2 -> 2.7.8
    - add support for OpenBSD 6.4
    - add support for FreeBSD 12 (drop 10.x)
    - README: mark CentOS/Fedora as currently broken due to upstream package issues #185
    - test-kitchen:
        add OpenBSD support
        add guard-alpha test-suite

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