[tor-relays] Slow bandwidth, bridge + obfsproxy project (+Socks for LAN?)

Random Tor Node Operator tor at unterderbruecke.de
Sat Apr 30 14:36:17 UTC 2016

On 25.04.2016 11:45, Petrusko wrote:
> 4. I'm confused, the "bridge" is acting like a relay ? (like a router on
> a network, 50% upload / 50% download...?). Or like a hidden door to
> contact the Tor network, and the client will only use relays after
> without the bridge ?
> (I don't want this server to be a bottleneck...!)

A bridge is the first hop of a bridge-using client, followed by the
other regular hops for a Tor circuit.
The bridge's upload and download will directly correspond to the
upload/download of the specific user(s) of your bridge.
(Plus some overhead for directory requests etc)

So if your bridge's internet connection can handle another user next to
you, it can handle the bridge.

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