[tor-relays] Suggestion for Tor exit friendly ISP

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Mon Apr 25 12:16:24 UTC 2016


I have come across a Tor friendly VPS provider in Norway. They allow exits.
At the moment they host no other Tor relay than mine.

I've tried adding them to the Good/Bad ISP wiki, but get trapped be som
anti-spam filter even when not logged in via Tor.

Is this list an appropriate way to reccommend them? I'm not affiliated with
this company but don't want to spam the list.

Their permanent offer is a VPS with dedicated and unmetered 1Gbps
connection per VPS, price per month is 149 NOK (~ 18 USD / ~ 16 EUR).

My relay is at the moment CPU constrained, pushing about 10 MB/s.

Kind regards
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