[tor-relays] MY IP adress on blacklist and then in exit relay policy

yl tor at yl.ms
Mon Mar 30 16:04:09 UTC 2015

Am 30.03.2015 um 15:04 schrieb Cmar433:
> Now i can see my IP in my server exit policy ...

Well you probably added that in the beginning, "reject*"
will cause that you exit relay will reject any connections to the IP, which is the IP Tor is running on. That means someone
running on a tor connection can't access your IP from your exit node.

This has nothing to do with the complaint you received, anyone using tor
and happening to exit via you tor relay will look as if he is using the
IP So if there is a machine being infected with a virus
or bot it will look as if you server "" is infected with
that malicious software. You can not change that if you run an exit node.

All you can do is politely inform anyone complaining, the message of
Zack is actually pretty well written. It is normal to receive such
complaints, but you might want to check with your hoster to ignore some
of them, they usually understand what tor is and also understand that
complaints are not caused by you.


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