[tor-relays] New relay not recognised by weathermap

Sharif Olorin sio at tesser.org
Mon Mar 30 22:32:07 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I configured a new relay[0] yesterday, and recently tried to sign up for
the Weathermap[1], wherein I get a "could not locate a Tor node with
that fingerprint" error message. The node's definitely been up for more
than an hour, and Atlas can see it[2]. Is this expected behaviour, or
might it indicate an issue with my configuration? I've checked
everything on the "potential problems" list - the node does exist, the
fingerprint is correct, it's been up for more than an hour, hasn't been
down for over a year, and running a recent ( version of Tor.


[0] dendrocyte.wiredlaboratories.com.au/03B5C7B81CA56DF3CCC31FDA8032A7763B8B50B4
[1] https://weather.torproject.org/subscribe/
[2] https://atlas.torproject.org/#details/03B5C7B81CA56DF3CCC31FDA8032A7763B8B50B4

PGP: 6FB7 ED25 BFCF 3E22 72AE 6E8C 47D4 CE7F 6B9F DF57
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