[tor-relays] UK Exit Node

Michael Banks c at starbs.net
Sun Jul 6 18:00:24 UTC 2014

Node's on a dedicated machine, I have a couple of RasPis kicking about, 
might spin up nodes on them too.

On 06/07/2014 14:48, Julien ROBIN wrote:
> In effect, as Moritz said (and Roman also tried to say) it's necessary for navigation over Tor, that every Exit Possibility/Restriction are listed into your Exit Policy. If your Exit Node is not going to connect to a given website, it's fine, but the Tor Client have to know it, in order to automatically choose another Exit to reach the destination.
> For Tor Exit Node on a residential DSL line, because I love challenges, I've done this in the past, from August 2013 to end of December 2013, with unlimited exit policy ;) on a Raspberry Pi. May be I was lucky but apart from 1 copyright infrigement (French "Hadopi" the second week), I never had any problem, and in such case the situation is not very comlicated to handle (you simply explain).
> If you're like me you will have no problem by thinking your Internet connexion have great chance to be looked by your ISP and/or bigger instition : it's part of the challenge, and a challenge is interesting when almost no one is plucky enough to do what you're going to do ;)
> In order to get your participation to last a long time, it's usefull to run your node on a dedicated machine, while you can focus on your hobbies and use your computer/desktop as before.
> Best regards,
> Julien ROBIN
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> On 07/06/2014 09:39 AM, Michael Banks wrote:
>> ‎The block lists are very limited, i.e P2P, lists of known
>> blackhats/paedophiles, unallocated IP ranges and most importantly:
>> government-owned address and anti-tor addresses
> Please do not run PeerGuardian or any other blacklist. These lists are
> part of the problem, and in no way a solution. As stated earlier in this
> thread, it will break stuff. These lists are never up to date and always
> contain false information.
> It is your exit, you can indeed block IPs, but please do it on the level
> of ExitPolicy.
> In your world maybe "government-owned addresses" are a bad thing. For me
> and many other Tor users certainly not.
> You're free to run an exit on a residential line, but I doubt that your
> ISP will like the abuse complaints. You will likely get kicked off your
> contract sooner or later. Also, a residential ISP will not forward abuse
> complaints or even tell you about them, so there is no way for you to
> explain yourself.

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