[tor-relays] UK Exit Node

Jeroen Massar jeroen at massar.ch
Sun Jul 6 09:28:33 UTC 2014

On 2014-07-06 09:14, Michael Banks wrote:
> Advice taken
> I was debating to switch over to relay-only or not. I must note, the Tor
> node is on it's own address, under a residential contract.

Does not matter. You cannot prove that you did not routed your
connection over it or that it was or was not Tor.

This is also why folks doing exit (and even relay) nodes use dedicated
hosting: abuse does not cut of your home Internet link and there is a
limited form of deniability (though that did not help for that Austrian
guy it seems, then again he did a lot of other odd stuff too which
probably did not help his case much... full facts are never known).

> I was taking extra precaution by running PeerGuardian and specifically
> blocking malicious IPs, and will continue to do so while I have a relay
> node.

If you have a relay you will very unlikely be contacting anything on
that 'list', at least through Tor.

How exactly does PeerGuardian work? (seems there are a number of tools
called that way and the first hit on google is unmaintained)

Does it use a downloaded list, an RBL or something else? As when it is a
list they are giving you the set of locations that are 'interesting' to
peek at, when it is a RBL, they know who you are contacting. Unless a
hash of some kind is involved you are likely giving away details or they
are losing the details.

> I have tor-relay.itschip.com set in torrc.. guess I have to fiddle with
> more things?
> Anyone with Debian experience who can help in that field?

Reverse DNS has little to do with the operating system, you'll have to
ask your ISP to set that for you (who, if they allow then might inform
you of a tool/protocol to use to do so). Typically though, for
residential connections reverse DNS cannot be changed.


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