[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting MARCH 19 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Mon Mar 23 17:53:31 UTC 2020

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
March 19 2020:


+ Sarah
- We are looking at platforms and are leaning toward using Zoom for the upcoming webinars. We need something that is cheap (or free!), can handle 50 people, allows for screen sharing and recording, has a way for participants to ask questions.
	Suggestion: Jitsi? Maybe not because there is a thread in infrared from mayfirst and others; seems not to scale to more than 20 ppl --gaba]

+ isabela -> what are the pain points on vegas leads meetings so we can start thinking on how to address them and improve this meeting?
	- Long discussions about topics that only concern a few people
	- Discussion items need to be in the pad *at least 24 hours ahead of time*, ideally sooner; general notes can be last-minute
	- Maybe we can move to voice, or have a mix of voice- and text-based meetings; voice would require more attention to keeping minutes; Isa and Charly will be building a plan for meetings going forward.


1. network health work
2. Steph: Did you get my mail regarding the onion service education coordination? [yes, I did. Thanks for the reminder. things have been hectic -steph]
3. Working on licensing/copyright situation for TPI employees

1. Working on webinar for next Thursday. We are looking at platforms and are leaning toward using Zoom. We need something that is cheap (or free!), can handle 50 people, allows for screen sharing and recording, has a way for participants to ask questions.
2. Had productive meetings this week with Internet Society Foundation and Omidyar. We will be submitting proposals to both.
3. Received notice that the browser OTF proposal has been accepted. We are now moving onto the contract phase. NICE!
4. Decided to hold off on a spring appeal to individuals.

1. new releases came out, including security fix. Seriously, everybody should upgrade. No sign of anybody using the attack yet (as of 0000 UTC on 19 Mar)
2. A few of us had our first mayfirst-hosted online meeting on Tuesday : it went 4 hours, with 10-15 minute breaks every hour.  asn and dgoulet facilitated.  Ask us what worked!

1. published two technical articles on my personal blog https://anarc.at/blog/2020-03-17-git-gpg-verification/ https://anarc.at/blog/2020-03-15-remote-tools/
2. finished  migrating 3 more VMs: cupani, polyanthum, omeiense, automation is starting to pay off
3. that allowed retiring second old libvirt/KVM server (unifolium), 2/5 done!
4. ordered a new ganeti server which i'll setup soon, fsn-node-05, to continue the Great Migration
5. routine stuff

1. Working on webinar deck for next week and other details related to March 26 event
2. Meetings w/ foundations Internet Society, Omydiar
3. Prepaing as much as possible to all the changes and implications regarding covid-19 and trying to give support to Tor folks and our community
4. onboarding Charly!
5. what are the pain points on vegas leads meetings? so we can start thinking on how to address them and improve this meeting

1. Next week we will have Documentation Hackathon. People will join us on IRC and ask questions, please send them to #tor-www or to this blog post - https://blog.torproject.org/docshackathon-2020
2. Engaging with Outreachies applicants - Project 1 - 'Help Tor support our users'.
3. CryptoRave is postponed due Covid-19

1. Working on a blog post about remote work habits and quarantine privacy situations. Helped with onionbalance & docshackathon posts
2. Will still be submitting to def con for a booth
3. Working with OTF learning lab on onion services
4. Preparing for webinar next week
5. Responding to press inquiries
6. Social media

1. s55 tracking
2. reading on walking onion project updates from nick
3. DoS defenses meeting.
4. sent mail to some of the sponsors on c19
5. a bunch of ther small stuff

1. Regular sponsor work, S27, S30
2. Working on a git proposal for design iterations in gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/ux/design
3. S9 planning remote user research for onion services and bridges, working with nah on it
4. Planning Monthly Hall Demos

1. S9 regular sync
2. Tor Browser Release meeting
3. Helping Outreachy and GSoC applicants
4. Starting to wrap up S27 and figuring out what we're going to release when
5. Looking at gitlab projects again and organising them
6. S58 set up: creating trac page, tagging tickets, etc... - https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor58

1. New Tor Browser releases at the end of this week/early next week
2. Lots of distractions, but concentrating as best I can

1. Team seems to be doing OK.
2. Low on concentration.
3. Some infrastructure issues this week that David helped me solve.
4. Technical work this week is in security stuff, windows problems

1. Onboarding Charly (yay!)
2. Personnel/HR stuff
3. Still a little behind on some things
4. Trying to stay focused and optimistic

1. HS DoS meeting
2. Writing peer reviews

1. Getting up to speed with Matplotlib as first step to tweaking graphs produced by OnionPerf's visualize mode.
2. Started tracking time at a granularity of 0.1 points for better reports and future estimates.

1. Mostly caught up from vacation. S28/S30 business as usual
2. Trying to pay more attention to volunteer work that accumulated over the last weeks

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