[tor-project] Network health meeting notes, 23 Mar 2020

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Mar 24 14:07:32 UTC 2020


We had another round of our weekly network-health meeting
yesterday in #tor-meeting. The IRC log can be found at:


The items from our pad (both discussion and status related) can be found


  -meeting moves to 1800UTC next week (so everyone should have it at
their usual local time)? [GeKo: yes. announcement got sent to
networ-health list]
  - docshackathon this week. Do we need to update documentation about
relays? Improvements?
  - DoS Prevention / PrivacyPass and Co / Onion Services (dj) [GeKo:
yes, we think about participating]


  Last week:
    -more sbws work (I did not finish my work on #33009, but started to
review closely #30905)
    -fixed #32864
    -usual bad relay work
    -looked at our checktest doctor test (#33683)
    -started to look at another round of seemingly random resource load
failures caused by Cloudflare (as part of #33466)
    -ggus: do we have some list of relay operators who run more than X%
of the network and what kind of contacts we have to them? [GeKo: ggus
asks sarah what the fundraising folks use and could find useful and we
take it from there]
  This week
    -sbws work (mainly reviewing #30905 and hopefully fixing #33009)
    -more work on issues encountered with our bad relay scanners
    -more work on exit relay blocking problem (#33500 etc.)

juga (offline):
  Last week:
    - Continued with child of #30719: #30905 (change state values when
sbws is restarted)
    - Had irc meeting with GeKo and ahf together, we decided:
      - my minor (not bugfixes) changes for #30905 are ok, in the sense
they are not just bugfixes, but with the current code it's all can be
done (yet a lot of work). Still pending review.
      - we'll start to do reviews in gitlab.tpo, as soon as gaba creates
the gitlab "canonical" sbws project.
  Next week:
    - Revisions on #30719
    - Continue with #30735

  This week:
    - Doing docshackathon this week. Do we need to update documentation
about relays? Improvements?

  This week: not doing anything related to the network health team.


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