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Tue Sep 17 19:47:59 UTC 2019


We met today to talk about the migration from trac into gitlab. The
agenda and notes are in the pad
(https://pad.riseup.net/p/e-q1GP43W4gsY_tYUNxf) and in the body of this

You can look at the logs for the meeting in:

Next meeting will be on October 1st.


    mail with context:
    planning document: https://nc.riseup.net/s/SnQy3yMJewRBwA7
    migration code: https://dip.torproject.org/ahf/trac-migration
    ticket: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30857

Agenda September 17th

* Revisit agenda
* Update that where we are at
* Stuff that seems that still needs to be resolved or decided upon:
    * IRC ticket number bot
    * redirection from bugs.torproject.org to gitlab ticket (legacy
project resolve links?)
    * structure for projects
    * anonymous users/ user registration
    * Preserving existing trac data

     * data migration process

* Next steps



On ticket numbers:

1) IRC bot for tickets (zwiebelbot) - get ticket's title and a link to
the ticket when we write #TICKET-NUMBER. In gitlab tickets are per project.

    possible solutions:

    1.  write a plug-in for the bot that is running zwiebelbot to fetch
the data via gitlab's api. we will lose the short hand ticket id syntax
(#xxx) and have to use project-name#xxx instead with that

2) redirect from bugs.torproject.org/#TICKET-NUMBER to the right issue
in gitlab

    possible solutions:

    1. a part of the migration from tickets from trac to all the
different gitlab project, we save a mapping between the old ticket ID's
and their new project paths, which would allow us to update the
redirection service with a tool that looks at htis mapping and does the

    2. all tickets first get migrated to a single project where there's
a one to one mapping between ticket IDs in trac and gitlab so bugs.tpo/N
point to dip.tpo/legacy/N

    for future issues (not legacy) we will have

3) the question is how to keep ticket numbers consistent across the
migration if we want to have tickets split between mut roject

Nick's Absolute Requirements:
       1. If there is #NN in trac, and there is tor#NN in gitlab, then
they must be the same bug.
       2. If there is tor#MM in gitlab, and it is the same as some bug
#NN in trac, then MM must equal NN.

NEXT STEP: AHF will experiment with aproach 2.2 on moving tickets from
legacy project into its own. (ahf will move forward)

Structure for projects:

    Proposed structure:

    Group TEAM X  - all team members have ownership on this group.

            Project X1 - the ones related to repositories. Example:
snowflake or little-t tor.

            Group XX1 - example pluggable transports for anti-censorship

    Project Y - at organization level, example scalability that may
touch all teams.

NEXT STEP: rename the group 'torproject' to tpo (gaba will do it)
NEXT STEP: add the rule "do not have two elements in the project naming
tree with the same name, even if they are not ambiguous"
NEXT STEP: add the rule "short names when possible for projects or groups"

Anonymous users/ user registration:

(1) cypherpunks - people not ok with this one as there are trolls
(2) salsa custom signup form  - some people say this is not totally
(3) akismet + recaptcha - not really an option because it blocks tor
users and tracks people
(4) write a custom captcha plugin  - some people say this is not totally
(5) open registration - spam is a huge issue here


    1) i suggest we manually register gitlab accounts for known good
contributors and open up contributions from github issues (from catalyst)

    2) open registration with some spam-limiter, and moderate accounts
(from nick)

    3) consider experimenting with the salsa custom signup form

NEXT STEP: We need more research on how to deal with spam in gitlab.
NOTHING DECIDED YET. (gaba will check)

Preserving existing trac data:

NEXT STEP with a list of things that you will not see in gitlab from trac

Data migration process:

NEXT STEP: write down a more concrete plan for migration. What do we
test for? When we do it? Who is helping? - (gaba will do it)

Issues about migration will be deal here:

Project Manager: Network, Anti-Censorship and Metrics teams
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