[tor-project] Network Team Meeting Notes, 16 September 2019

Alexander Færøy ahf at torproject.org
Mon Sep 16 18:49:22 UTC 2019


Here is a short summary of the network team meeting today:

1) We went over our Kanban board to ensure that it is up-to-date.

2) We went over the set of code reviews that needs to happen this week.
   A few tickets were moved around amongst the team members.

3) We looked at the list of tickets for the upcoming 0.4.2.x Tor release
   on Trac:

    - Some of the tickets got distributed out amongst the team members.

    - The team looked into whether some tickets should be upgraded from
      being `-should` (we hope to do them for this release) to `-must`
      (we must do these tickets for this release).

4) We discussed the "What does an ideal Pull Request on Github look
   like" proposal:

    - This topic was moved forward from the S31 sponsor meeting last
      week where only a subset of the network team members
      participated. Afterwards we had a short discussion round on the
      internal network team mailing list.

      The idea behind the proposal is for the team figures out what
      requirements we have for Pull Requests internally amongst the team
      members. The policy is only going to apply for team members in
      that we don't expect volunteers to follow the exact same
      requirements that we expect from each other.

    - The policy proposal that was sent to the network team mailing list
      contained the following list of expectations to a PR:

        - A correct `changes` file if appropriate.
        - CI that passes.
        - Test coverage that has not decreased.
        - Documentation for all functions.
        - Description of overall design changes (if any).
        - Needs to have a sensible "size": not too big to review in a reasonable
          amount of time and not too small so that it misses lots of context.
          Better to split things up into multiple PR's if things are getting too

    - The last item in the proposal was discussed briefly due to a
      concern on whether the policy is going to cause more work to
      happen for the entire team instead of reducing the amount of work:
      if we start doing earlier and smaller PRs for large feature
      branches, the reviewers/mergers might lose the bigger picture of
      the overall architectural changes to the codebase that will happen
      when the project is nearing its end (and all the PRs have been

      Additionally, this could lead to the sum of work that has been
      spend over the duration of the project will be larger than if the
      developers deliver a large feature branch at the end of the
      project period where the feature branch, containing the feature
      and the refactoring needed to do the feature, is all contained
      within the same PR.

      We decided to continue the discussion for a bit longer on the
      internal network team mailing list before we bring this up for
      vote internally in the team.

5) We went over the "Needs help with" section of our meeting pad.

--- end of summary ---

You can read today's network team meeting log at:


Below are the contents of our meeting pad:

= Network team meeting pad! =

This week's team meeting is at Monday 16 September 1700 UTC on #tor-meeting on OFTC.

September-October schedule:
    * Monday 23 September 1700 UTC
    * Wednesday 2 October 2300 UTC
    * Monday 7 October 1700 UTC
    * Monday 14 October 1700 UTC
    * Monday 21 October 1700 UTC
    * Monday 28 October 1700 UTC

Welcome to our meeting!
First meeting each month: Wednesday at 2300 UTC
Other meetings each month: Mondays at 1700 UTC until 3 November 2019, when daylight saving time changes
On #tor-meeting on OFTC.

(This channel is logged while meetings are in progress.) (See https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2017-September/001459.html for background.)

Want to participate?  Awesome!  Here's what to do:
    1. If you have updates, enter them below, under your name.
    2. If you see anything you want to talk about in your updates, put them in boldface!
    3. Show up to the IRC meeting and say hi!

After each week's meetings, the contents of this pad will be sent to tor-project @ lists.torproject.org.
After that is done, the pad can be used for the next week.

== Previous notes ==
(Search the tor-project mailing list archive for older notes.)
19 August: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2019-August/002435.html
26 August: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2019-August/002442.html
4 September: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2019-September/002465.html
9 September: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2019-September/002466.html

== Stuff to do every week =

* Coming up: the 0.4.2 release status page.
  See https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/042Status
  (This page automatically shows the latest trac ticket status.)

* Let's check and update the roadmap.
  What's done, and what's coming up?
  We're using a kanban board:

* Check reviewer assignments! How reviews from last week worked? Any blocker?

Here are the outstanding reviews, oldest first, including sbws

== Reminders ==

* Remember to "/me status: foo" at least once daily.
* Remember that our current code reviews should be done by end-of-week.
* Make sure you are in touch with everybody with whom you are doing work for the next releases.

* Remember to fill up the 'actual point' field when you close a ticket. We need those to calculate velocity.

* Check other's people call for help in their entries.

---- 16 September 2019

== Announcements ==

    On September Swati (technical writer)  started working with us on
    rewriting the Tor manual page (part of Google Season of Docs). She
    is participating in the network team meetings. Her project:

    We are moving the kanban board from storm into
    https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/core/tor/boards . This will
    help lead a plan for migration into dip.torproject.org. 

    People working on sponsor 31 will meet every fortnight, next meeting
    is Tuesday 24 September at 2300 UTC

    Remember that 0.4.2.x-alpha is now in feature freeze

    Bug Smash Fund campaign has been on since beginning of August.
    Update: https://blog.torproject.org/tors-bug-smash-fund-86k-raised .
    The idea is that this will be funding non-sponsor bugs. If you are
    working on ticket that is not sponsored please tag it with
    BugSmashFund keyword. 

    Remember to look at transition to gitlab
    - meeting to discuss plan on September 17th, at 18UTC in

== Discussion ==

* Next steps for 0.4.2 triage.

    * What is -must or -should but doesn't have the labels?

    * What has the -must or -should labels, but doesn't need them?

    * Who will work on what?

* "Pull request requirements before review":
    * next steps here?
    * Are we ready to try hiving this as a policy?

== Recommended links ==

(copied from the anti-censorship pad)
   * https://google.github.io/eng-practices/review/reviewer/
       * Google's guide on how to do code reviews. Worth a skim.

           * In general, reviewers should favor approving a CL once it is in a state where it definitely improves the overall code health of the system being worked on, even if the CL isn’t perfect.

           * "One business day is the maximum time it should take to respond to a code review request (i.e. first thing the next morning)"
               * However, never interrupt your focused work to do a code review.

If people are interested, we could talk about trying a faster turnaround on code reviews at the monthly retrospective.

== Updates ==

    Week of XYZ (planned):
        - What you planned for last week.
    Week of XYZ (actual):
        - What you did last week.
    Week of ABC (planned):
        - What you're planning to do this week.
    Help with:

         - Something you may need help with.


Leave the "Planned" parts!
Leave the parts for last week and this week!

gaba: (updated on september 4th)

    Last week (actual):

    . s31 report
    . scalability funding proposal
    . other small tasks

    This week (planned):
    . more scalability
    . trac migration moving forward
    Help with:

teor: (online first week of the month, offline at the usual meeting time)
            - Sponsor 31 config.c refactor reviews
            - finish add tor controller trace logging to diagnose stem hangs (#30901)
                - try nickm's suggested a simpler implementation
                - split off bugs I found while writing the control trace code
            - team policies: commit bit and roles?

    Week of 9 September (actual):
            - Sponsor 31 config.c refactor and reviews (3? tickets)
            - review #31625
            - sponsor 31 planning
            - sponsor 31 report review
            - revise sponsor 31 tickets after last week's reviews
            - Sponsor 31 C style planning
            - review gitlab transition document
            - bug smash on logging bugs #31594 and children (maybe some of these are bugs on other sponsored work)
            - bug triage
            - emails
            - some quick tool fixes because they were annoying me: #31679, #31677
            - revise bug smash fixes after last week's reviews
            - backport deciding
            - Climate Strike blog post / website help

    Week of 16 September (planned):
            - May need to take some leave for the climate strike on 20 September
        Take Time for:
            - gitlab signup / config
            - team policies: commit bit and roles?
            - finish add tor controller trace logging to diagnose stem hangs (#30901)
                - try nickm's suggested a simpler implementation
                - split off bugs I found while writing the control trace code
            - Sponsor 31 possible coding tasks for me

    Week of 16 September (actual):
        Take Time for:
            - Sponsor 31

    Week of 9 September (planned):
        - Merge big pending patches. (Sorry asn & dgoulet! :/ )
        - Respond to questions on S31 pad before tuesday
        - Another S31 meeting
        - Work on circuitpadding doc merge stuff.
        - Start a PETS review
        - Work on more 29211 followup issues
        - More 0.4.2 triage.
    Week of 9 September (actual):
        - Started PETS review, wrote first draft
        - Merged 30924 (onion service dos settings), but did not get to 26294 (changes in replay cache)
        - S31 meeting
        - Read through circuitpadding stuff, asked a question about next steps
        - More 29211 followups, including lots of tests
        - Worked on another mmap crash issue (31696)
        - Gitlab discussion
        - Tests for 31675 (microdesc refactoring)
        - 042 triage: labeled must/should.
    Week of 16 September (planned):
        - Release
        - release
        - Start 0.4.2 stabilization process
        - Read proposal 308 (counter galois onion)
        - Discuss C style polling with Teor and Taylor
        - Finish PETS review
        - Work on circuitpadding doc stuff?
        - Pending reviews

    Week of 9/09 (planned):
        - Funding proposals
        - Medical and bureaucracy
    Week of 9/09 (actual):
        - Funding proposals
        - circpad doc discussions
        - Medical and bureaucracy
        - circpad ticket analysis and triage
        - LTS ops discussion on tor-relays
    Week of 9/16 (planned):
        - Funding proposals
        - Circpad doc tweaks and ticket #s -> git & trac
        - Patch for #31653 (0ms circuitpadding circuit failure bug)
    Need help with/at risk of dropping this month:
        - Not doing any code reviews this month, unless on circpad patches. Got enough for Tor Browser
        - Circpad doc followup/fold-in? (nickm is helping here, thx!)
        - Firefox ESR code review
          - (I am working on this, but unlikely to finish it this month at this rate of interruption+distraction)
        - Firefox new feature review
        - Funding proposal review, meetings, coordination, cross-checking estimations, strategy, etc.
        - Deep-thought-required research project followup 
          - (Google masque, BGP, ECN, Rob's bw experiments, Dennis's Mozilla video, etc etc...)
        - Relay community drive/mgmt (and related LTS herding)


    week of 09/09 (2019-W37) (planned):
        - more sponsor31 reporting and check-in
        - reviews
        - look at gitlab migration plan doc
        - #30984
    week of 09/09 (2019-W37) (actual):
        - more sponsor31 reporting and check-in
        - reviews
    week of 09/16 (2019-W38) (planned):
        - reviews
        - coordinate sponsor31 documentation work
        - respond to C style thread
        - respond to review guidelines thread
        - review gitlab migration plans
        - #30984
    need help with:
        - please help take a look at some jenkins failures:
            * tor-ci-linux-0.2.9 (old-ish)
                  https://jenkins.torproject.org/job/tor-ci-linux-0.2.9/292/console -- this looks like a travis failure. There's a java exception caused by a timeout, and no builders actually happen.
                  +1 - teor
            * tor-ci-linux-0.4.1 (new-ish)
                  Buster amd64 is failing with what appears to be  
08:50:53 08:50:53 FAIL: src/test/test_workqueue_efd.sh
08:50:53 ====================================
08:50:53 08:50:53 Illegal instruction
08:50:53 FAIL src/test/test_workqueue_efd.sh (exit status: 132)
                   I wonder if this is transient, or if it is a real problem?  We didn't change this code any time recently.
                   Transient, or an environment change? - teor
                   transient -- fixed itself. CI failures page updated -catalyst
            * tor-ci-linux-master-clang (new-ish)


    This is only happening on i686 sid, and it is a compiler segfault.  This makes me think it is a bug in the clang package in debian unstable.

    +1 - teor
            * tor-ci-mingwcross-* (old-ish)


    This looks like a misconfiguration to me -- it seems to be complaining about not having found a zlib package maybe?

    Let's open a ticket, we can fix config issues - teor
           * tor-ci-windows-master (old?)
               This looks like it could be a real bug: a unit test is failing.  It's in "slow/process/callbacks" -- I believe ahf knows that code best.
               Let's open a ticket and give it to ahf? - teor

   Week of 09/09 (planned):
   - More work on stem side of onionbalance (#31369 and #31648)
   Week of 09/09 (actual):
   - Tons of work on #31648. I have a rough Python implementation of
     hs_get_responsible_hsdirs(), and I'm making test vectors using the
     little-t-tor implementation so that I can cross-test them.
   - Some discussion about how to vendor onionbalance v3. Should it be the same
     project as the old onionbalance so that operators don't need to
     install/learn two software? I sent an email to Donncha about
     maintainership and waiting reply.
   - Wrote down Stockholm notes in #28005 after discussion with antonela.
   - A bit of 042 triaging.
   - Opened #31754.
   - Did reviews/merges.
   Week of 16/09 (planned):
   - Get close to finalizing #31648. This involves cross-testing the Python
     implementation of the HSv3 hashring with the little-t-tor one.
   - Maybe start working on HSv3 public key blinding using the hazmat crypto
     library in stem.

    Week of 9th of September (planned):
    - Solve my laptop situation.
    - Work on #5304 and #28930.
    - Work with Nick and Gaba on which tasks to takeover.
    Week of 9th of September (actually):
    - Solved laptop situation.
    - Lots of Gitlab migration discussions. Thanks to everyone helping out here!
    - Hacked on #5304 spec changes and trying to figure out how the code should work.
    - Began task takeover with Nick and Gaba: running some meetings, begin doing 1:1(:1).
    Week of 16th of September (planned):
    - Follow up on "Good PR" discussion on network-team@ and turn it into a proposal
    - Keep the discussions on GL migration active and hopefully continue to make progress.
    - Finish #5304
    - Figure out my task plan for the rest of the year'ish for tickets.

dgoulet: - on vacation
  Week of 02/09 (actual):
    - Most of my time has been on #30200 parent tasks working on building and
      running an onion service health tool (#28841).
    - From the above, several tickets have been opened, see the child tickets
      of #30200.
    - I've mostly worked on the service side health. I've moved now on writing
      the tool analysis part for the client side.
    - One ticket I opened which was needed for my development branch in #30200
      that affects the wider tor (and found a bug): #31608. It is good that we
      are all awayre of this imo.
  Week of 09/09 (planned):
    - Continue making sure #31549 is on track and doesn't stall.
    - Help write blog post about the above ^ in order to be as loud as we can 
      about this big change in the network.
    - Continue on #30200 to dig into client side behavior (s27 stuff).

swati (Updated on September 16)
 What I did last week:
    - Spent time learning how to use Asciidoc.
    - Set up the Atom Editor by installing plugins to be used for
    editing/writing Asciidoc documents.
    - Sent my questions regarding cloning/forking and the process followed. Gaba and Taylor answered my queries.
    - Forked and cloned the repo: https://github.com/torproject/tor/
    - Saved a local copy of Tor Manual (doc/tor.1.txt) on my machine.
    - Added a Table of Contents and regrouped topics to create a better flow and structure.
What I plan to do this week:
    - Continue working on the tasks planned for month 1 (https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/participants/project-tor)
    - Create a pull request and request the network team to review the first set of changes.
Help with:
    - Might have questions about the categorization of configuration options and might need info about config files.
    - Need to get an account to use Trac (https://trac.torproject.org/) for creating tickets for pull requests. (gaba looking at it)

All the best,

Alexander Færøy

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