[tor-project] August 2019 report for the UX team

Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
Mon Sep 9 17:05:37 UTC 2019

Hello Tor,

A recap of August in UX land

S9 - Tor Browser

Tor Browser 9 will see the light in late October, but we are working
towards it hardly. During August we were working on having Tor Network
Settings in a familiar place for users. That is how
about:preferences#tor will host Network Settings. Great work, pospeselr!
You can see how it looks here


S9 - User Research

The first semester of this year, we visited India, Uganda, Kenya,
Indonesia, Colombia, and Mexico. Narrira worked on to summarize and
compile our user research activities: user needs findings, community
threat modeling, and usability testing over TBA and TB Onboarding. Those
user insights will inform our work on further product iterations.


During our dev meeting in Stockholm, we shared a printed survey about
Tor Browser usage with us, the biggest fans of TB (and also the most
biased). I shared a small recap of this data, and we are planning to
extend this survey with the broad community. Do you hate captchas? We
heard from you.


S30 - Snowflake

The anti-censorship team is doing great work on bringing usable options
for censored users to access the tor network and also for privileged
users to help others. Snowflake is becoming something, and we assisted
in designing the first user interface for it. Thanks arlolra, cohosh,
dfc, and phw for this implementation!


OONI Explorer

We are so close to release OONI Explorer. Some minor/major adjustments
happened during August. Anxious? Check our beta and report issues if you
find them:



Antonela spoke at the MediaParty19 in Argentina about Tor Browser. A lot
of journalists were interested in using Tor technologies for their daily


Open Team

We have been experimenting with gitlab for hosting our roadmaps and
to-do tasks. You can see our in-progress open kanban with tickets here:


Starting August, we were sharing our weekly meeting notes to the ux
list. If you missed those, then you can see them here:


Peace and love,


Antonela Debiasi
UX Team Lead



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