[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting OCTOBER 24 2019

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Oct 25 00:01:41 UTC 2019

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
OCTOBER 24 2019


+ Blog temporary resolution - We lost our discount which means we are still paying 600 bucks/month; Mike will ask about it

+ isabela is working on trademark faq update, to include how we deal w/ the use of Tor name/logo on swags:

+ isabela will draft letter to developer who were going to fix css on drupal w/ gus

+ anarcat: SVN internal shutdown today, go? (#15949) Yes, but keep the data for a month just in case

+ We need more git admins? Gaba suggests taking the discussion to individual teams and asking for volunteers; follow up next meeting.


+ What should we call the new nextcloud service? nc.torproject.net? cloud.tpn? docs.tpn? #32267
- To redirect or not redirect. That is the question. Name t.b.d.

+ I need a hostname for use with doxygen. See #32101.
- For now: src-ref.docs.torproject.org/tor; subject to change.


1. Helped some relay operators to run private obfs4 bridges
2. Working with Outreachy applicants, reviewing their pull requests and answering theirs questions (irc, email, dip tickets). Due too many applicants, we closed today (10/23) for new applicants (project 1 - "Help Tor Project support our users").
3. Updating Tor Browser 9 documentation (support / tb-manual / training slides).
4. Frontdesk sprint - reduced new tickets queue from 200 to ~90.
5. Mostly afk next week; only available for meetings.
6. Organizing remotely the first round of Tor trainings with our new partners in Global South.
7. Went to this activity: https://blog.torproject.org/events/tor-aromi-e-lacrime-del-routing-cipolla-naples

1. Coordinating with folks to build the corporation membership program
2. Working on YE campaign blog post and major donor's folder and personas presentation for Wendy's dinner
3. Going to Oslo Internet Forum NYC
4. Following up with sponsors/donors
5. Blog temporary resolution - we lost our discount which means we are still paying 600 bucks/month; mike will check in about it
6. working on trademark faq update to include how we deal w/ the use of Tor name/logo on swags
7. Start to prep for board meeting on November 6th

1. community.torproject.org/user-research is live
2. TB9 was released
3. made some printable materials for fundraising
4. working with web/lego and styleguide.tpo.org
5. planning a ux session for the OTF summit with OKThanks
6. reviewing ux team roadmap for the next months

1. We released Tor Browser 9. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen!
2. Dealing with backlog now that the release is out

 1. Wrapping up sponsor2

1. EOY campaign launching next Monday. Please amplify the message on social media. People who donate the first week will be entered to win all of the prizes throughout the campaign. about:tor will be updated with the campaign graphic on 11/4.
2. Final plans for party on Monday.
3. Planning some donor visits for Isa.

1. worked sysadmin onboarding process docs (ticket #29395)
2. SVN internal shutdown today, go? (#15949)
3. usual daily grind (gitweb performance problems, DNS changes, puppet reviews, security upgrades, et)
4. started work on caching service
5. drafted a template for service documentation in https://help.torproject.org/tsa/howto/template/
6. what should we call the new nextcloud service? nc.torproject.net? cloud.tpn? docs.tpn? #32267

0) I cleared out all the old pending comments on the blog. Also, I added this sentence to https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/community/blog-comment-policy#ExpirationonComments : "(Please resolve any pending comments on the post first, so they don't get trapped in limbo when you disable comments.)
1) I wrote up an explainer text on "DoH and Tor Browser" for Steph. Maybe we'll try to put it in front of more audiences.
2) I reached out to the "30% of androids are running Tor and they don't know it" people. No response yet.
3) I've been moving forward a Tor relay accounting hibernation bugfix, wearing my network health team hat.
4) I still need to organize our OTF intro censorship circumvention session. I started a thread but need to do more.
6) Steph, Sarah: I think it might be time to conclude that the lack of answer about a Tor booth at shmoocon is indeed our answer.
7) We should make some choices around the CCC event in Leipzig. Plan: Erin will check with Isa and send an update mail so folks know there are no issues with Tor people going to Congress this year. It is quite late in the process to submit talks. Maybe somebody will submit one, or maybe we'll plan to get our act together more thoroughly next year.
8) Status of Feb/Mar dev meeting scheduling? Plan: Jon and Isa will talk today and make a decision.
9) We're running thin on mailing list moderators. Mostly the job is to approve pending queued mails, so the occasional spam one doesn't go through.Plan: I'm going to add gaba+sysrqb+phw as moderators for now, and Erin with help from Gus will draft a call-for-volunteers from among the core contributors.

1. Shadow Dev posting is live; getting organized around that
2. General HR/personnel stuff

1. Got the Shadow Simulation Developer job posting out together with Roger and Erin with the help of Emmapeel.
2. Finished my 042-must tickets.
3. Moved back to working on sponsored work.
4. Need to prepare slides for the Zurich presentation next week.

1. Sponsor 30-related BridgeDB UI fixes (translations, documentation, emergency fixes, metrics analysis)
2. Preparation for OTF summit in Taiwan
3. Improved process of supplying NGOs with private bridges
4. RACE-related progress on snowflake (sequencing layer, client/server protocol)
5. Grant writing

1) EOY launching Monday -- let the sharing begin!
2) Edited tb9 blog post, sent press release
3) Made graphic for and shared new job
4) Lots of back and forth with outreachy applicants
5) Coordinating talks at a couple events: Hackers Next Door, Fastly summit.
6) Combing through BBC onion and 9.0 related mentions
7) Community portal reviews
8) Helping with Save app promotion
9) Media inquiries

1) Working on -- should be out in 0-2 working days.
2) Busy wrapping up Sponsor 31 -- it ends on 30 Nov.
3) Will roll out new stable releases soon for #32108 (accounting bug)
4) prep for event at Wendy's on Monday.
5) I need a hostname for use with doxygen. See #32101.

1) Tor Browser 9.0 bug triage
2) Getting a handle on Tor Browser on Android
3) Planning Tor Browser 9.0 and 9.5 features for the remainder of the year

1. Mozfest this week (working on workshop with Pili for Saturday)
2. Sorted out gettor roadmap
3. S31 checkin meeting this week
4. Went to open news event with a bunch of people from BBC labs
5. Disappointed with gitlab on their lack of understanding of their users (https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/growth/product/issues/164)

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