[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 18 March

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Mar 18 21:51:00 UTC 2019


Our weekly Tor Browser meeting ended a couple of hours ago and, as
usual, here comes the link to our IRC log:


and our meeting notes from the pad are:

Tor Browser Meeting Notes
Week of March 18, 2019

    sysrqb: Move meeting 1 hour earlier? (GeKo: We'll start with that on
4/1 and I'll announce the change to tbb-dev)
    feedback process

    Last Week:
        - release prep
        - many reviews for #28329 and #27609; reviewing #29794, #25658,
#28628, #27478, #29440, #29758, #26323, #25876
        - updated patch for #28802
        - wrote small patch for better NoScript integration (#29021)
        - worked on NextCloud test
    This Week:
        - Firefox 68 will be developed in mozilla-central (GeKo:
pospeselr will look at https://torpat.ch/ and figure our what tickets at
bugzilla need to get filed and which patches we should try to upstream)
        - more reviews
        - work on mobile bugs
        - release signing

    Last Week:
        Finished the #25658 patches (Security Level button!)
    This Week:
        Update the torbutton part (of #25658) to 'intelligently' add the
new Security Level button to the toolbar, rather then resetting
everything to our defaults
        Catch up on all the not-programming work I'm supposed to be doing
        Get back into the windows swing of things

            investigate #27503 (broken screen readers on Windows)

            Write up a quick patch for #28996 (jump list disk leakage
fix on Windows)

mcs and brade:
    Last week:
        - Finished #28628 (Introduce New Security Settings to users).
        - Finished #29440 (Update about:tor when Tor Browser is updated).
        - Reviewed patches for #25658 (security slider replacement).
        - Helped with other code reviews.
        - Participated in Tor Browser developer interview.
    This week/soon:
        - Note: We will be out of the office (and mostly afk) this
Thursday and Friday (March 21 and 22).
        - Look at #29790 (Add build option to store profile in HOME
        - Follow up on Mozilla bug 1434666 (updater failing on Linux
(cannot find libraries).
        - Investigate #29630 (TorBrowser creates empty directory in "/tmp”).
        - Investigate #27484 comment:13 (DDG onboarding doorhanger
disappears after tab switch).
        - For #28044, revise proposal 102 to take into account
intrigeri’s comments as well as some things we learned during
        - Review the Firefox updater security audit report.

    Last week:
        - helped build new releases
        - made some patches for:
            - #29758: Build firefox debug infos for linux-i686
            - #25623: Disable network during build
        - revised patch for 26323: Build 32bit Linux bundles on 64bit
Debian Wheezy
        - worked on some fixes #27137. Now checking if the tests still
fail when enabling the corresponding prefs.
        - answered tor-packagers email about "torbrowser package on
NetBSD" (still awaiting moderator approval) and opened #29790
    This week:
        - help with publishing the new releases
        - fix #27137 and disable all currently failing tests

    Last week:
        More work on #28329
        Release prep
     This week:
         More of the same

  Last week:
    - 29313: tor-android-service browser build - downgraded tor to, generated new dependency list, new patch to remove ndk build,
fixed torservice to work with older library
    - 29574 Configure Orbot project to use TOPL - cleaned up and broke
apart patches, fixed some mismatched dependency versions
    - 29575 Configure Firefox project to use TOPL - upgraded
dependencies list
    - tested integrated APK (orbot working but proxy not connected to)
  This Week:
   - Resolve proxy not found in browser
   - Add obfs4proxy to tor-android-service aar
   - Fix latest merged conflict in orbot project for browser build
   - respond to any code reviews

  Last week:
    - 8.5 Review, TBA and TB
    - #28800 - New Identity -
  This week:
    - Moar on 8.5
        - #27484 - Onboarding
        - #29768 - Introducing new features
        - Security Setting Tor Browser manual update is ready for review
- who should review it? (GeKo: pospeselr and I can take a look, too,
besides Steph)
        - TBA #27399 - Leading Orfox users to Tor Browser Android
- Reading more about Letterboxing
        What is the priority for Letterboxing? Which Tor Browser version
will release it? (GeKo: not sure yet which alpha but I hope we can test
it furthre and help Mozilla by shipping something in May maybe)

    Last week:
        - Tor Browser vision exercise write up
        - Tor Browser release meeting
        - Sponsor 8 final report
    This week:
        - Sponsor 8 final report
        - Sponsor 27 prep
        - Google Season of Docs - any ideas for projects for a technical
writer for ~3 or ~5 months? FPI documentation? Others? (GeKo: helping
with our design doc might be good)
        - Start prep for Tor Browser Team capacity planning session


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