[tor-project] Notes from February 28 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Mar 1 10:07:30 UTC 2019

Notes for February 28 2019 meeting:

1) Finishing off Browser, Community and UX teams' Vision exercises
2) Organising India Feedback and User Testing materials
3) Working on Outreachy application
4) Following up after GSoC rejection and preparing to improve next
year's application
5) Brainstorming dev meeting invites with teams
6) Tor Browser hiring pre-screening and organising feedback gathering
7) Reviewed Hiring at Tor process document
8) Helped with a couple of SOIs for Community team
9) Might try to take half days next week to recover from India and will
probably just attend meetings

1) Preparing Def Con vendor application.
2) Answering questions for Mozilla’s Internet Health Report.
3) Latest newsletter went out yesterday.
4) Prep for LibrePlanet.
5) Inquiries.
6) Working on Outreachy application with Pili.
7) Preparing for website launch, reviewing illos.

1) Metrics team:
 - Discussed sponsors/funding for metrics team
 - Looked at CVs for hiring backend developer
3) Network team
 - calculating capacity
 - gathering dev policies
4) Anti-censorship team
 - kat's report
5) Setting up meeting for discussion on priorities around scaling

1) Working on e-appeal for Outreachy sponsorship. No luck securing funds
from past major donors.
2) Writing new welcome email.
3) Finishing Fundraising Team Wiki.
4) Dealing with bad actors testing cards on donate page.
5) Working with Giant Rabbit to make changes to the donate page.
6) Met with Pia from Open Collective. We will keep this on our radar as
an option for crowdfunding.
7) Grants team is working on two SOIs for DRL as well as follow-up for a
couple other proposals that have advanced to the next round of

1) Financial Audit is complete, report sent to Board for review and comment
2) Invoicing for NYU and Upenn
3) General payroll and disbursement processing

1) New releases came out last week
2) Working on CI stuff to get integration tests running
3) We're experimenting with new merge policies, to see what happens when
we have more people merging code

1) finished reviewing the auditor report w/ sue
2) invitation process for dev meeting - asked Alison to help and 'do her
thing' :) as she has done this process a bunch of times
3) Added some new 1:1s to my schedule :) if you want to have one too
please reach out!
4) Writing ED quarterly update
5) Doing 'money machine' team tasks: review documentation of our
processes, follow up w/ Sida, and proposals drafting.
6) Working on FY budget for july 2019 - june 2020
7) will be in seattle for the week of March 11 and will be in full
vacation mode :) for 2 weeks in november (7-21) (GeKo: yay, vacation!)

1) We're planning to replace advertised bandwidth distribution graphs
with consensus weight distribution graphs to reduce maintenance effort
(#29330). If somebody wants to suggest a better plan, please do so soon!
Before we move on we'll check whether consensus weight and consumed
bandwidth are proportional.

1) Back from vacation. Playing catch-up.
2) Working on browser dev and OONI dev recruiting
3) Coordinating w/ Linus to onboard new sysadmin. Announcement soon.
4) Other HR stuff.

1) Sponsor2 work
2) Tor scalability discussions
3) Research discussions

1) Where are we with our blog policy? Can we announce it officially (if
we have not) and make sure it takes effect?
2) Hiring policies
3) Sue: could you get back to me regarding my mail with the payment
question for my vacation? Yes, will do. (GeKo: thanks)

1) Working on LFI application review
2) Gus and emma are in Indonesia
3) Working on website materials

1) Finished Outreach Material -
2) Coordinating with Arturo and Elio OONI Explorer next steps
3) OTF approved, UX team roadmap updates
4) Working on Personas with dunqan
5) Working on https://github.com/torproject/tpo/issues with hiro
6) Coordinated user research for Thailand with emmapeel and ggus,
debriefing India with pili and caroline
7) Reviewing TBA for next alpha release

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