[tor-project] Tor Browser Vision Brainstorm

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Fri Mar 1 14:12:52 UTC 2019

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share this email before the meeting - sorry that is still
quite close to the meeting. And sorry if I am not answering the other
comments, I will go back to them another time. But I just wanted to
share the following thought.

I think that maybe we are having a discussion for a longer term vision
than what Pili needs for the 'money machine' team. Our fundraising team
needs to have a backlog of things tor teams wants to be doing in the
near term (next 2 years) so they know what they could be applying if
opportunities comes.

I feel that some topics raised so far are good for a f2f discussion at
the Tor meeting because they might have a deeper effect on how we do
things etc. So I am suggesting that maybe we organizing some time there
to do so.

Giving the above ^^, I would like to share some thoughts of how we can
focus the discussion on continuity of what is already in course.

Here is where I am coming from, in 2015 I shared this with tor-internal:

If you look at that user strategy, we have put in place some of it
already, but other parts are still being done, like the new website.

In 2017 I tried to organize an update on this strategy:

Sorry, is not really finished. But what I am trying to show here is how
long it can take to get the resources and put in place a strategy. I
feel that we are right now with a good part of the resources that we
needed back then, and maybe there is why we feel we might be changing
how we do things. But in my head we are just now being able to start
doing it like how it should be, with all the resources like design, ux,
user feedback/research etc.

So! For the brainstorming Pili is asking for. I feel what would make
sense is to look at what is in course and where we want to take it in
the next 2 years.

But we also need to be realistic. The TB team is not only about building
new features, it has to carry on other work like keeping up with ESR
releases, fix security bugs etc.

I would like to suggest that we do some capacity calculation for the
team, so we know for sure what much time the team has in the next 2
years for ux/new features stuff. (I think this time might be something
like 8 to 10 months).

I think we have right now 3 tracks of work on the ux/new features:

1. anti-censorship track - tor launcher work, we have a proposal about
it; we should look what we are doing there, and think of what next. Is
extreme important that our users can connect to the network.

2. bring all the good practices of ux to tb track - bring TB to be up to
date with 2019 :) a lot of what we did on TB 8.0 has to do with it, the
proposal to review notifications to users, the educational moments we
are creating etc. What else we need to be doing here?

3. new features / innovation track - for me the work we proposed for
onion services is on this track. there are some ideas from Arthur doc
which is on this track as well.

Track #3 is where we will need the most the 'principles' I mentioned
that we should have to guide us on our feature decisions. So I would
suggest that this team do create such list of principles.

Alright, this is what I am suggesting for us to focus on during today's
brainstorming. Hopefully is helpful for y'all.


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